Best Bully Sticks Spotlight on a Breed: American Bulldog

American Bulldog: Tallulah
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The American Bulldog

Height: Males: 22 – 27 inches; Females: 20 – 25 inches.

Weight: Male: 75 – 125 lbs.; Female: 60 – 100 lbs.

Coat: The coat is short, close, and stiff to the touch.

Color: White coat or any color pattern including black, red, brown and all shades of brindle

Appearance: The American Bulldog is a stocky and well built, strong-looking dog. Its coat is short and either white, white with patches, black and white brindle, fawn and white, fawn and white brindle or a combination of all of these. Some may even have what is called a blue patch. The color conformation is quite varied, but white must be somewhere in the coat for the dog to be confirmed in most ABD clubs.
The Johnson type is a larger dog with a shorter muzzle than the Scott type. However, many modern American Bulldogs are a combination of the two types. In general, American Bulldogs weigh between 60 and 125 pounds (27 to 57kg) and are 20 to 28 inches (52 to 70cm) at the withers. The American Bulldog is massive in comparison to both the French Bulldog and the British Bulldog due to the fact that the American Bulldog was never down bred to be a lap dog.

There are mainly five types of American Bulldogs:

*The Johnson type: This type is commonly known as the Classic or Bully type. These bulldogs are more aggressive and have pendulous lips, an undershot jaw, facial wrinkles and a shorter muzzle. Johnson’s famous American Bulldog, the Incredible Mean Machine had 30% characteristics of an English Bulldog, and forms the foundation for most of the modern American Bulldog.

*The Scott type: This type is also known as Standard or Performance type. Bulldogs belonging to this type are large, coarse, leggy and used to catch wild hogs and cattle. They have an athletic look and a long muzzle.

*The Painter/Margentina type: They were developed in late 70s by Joe Painter, Margentina and Tappe, and are mainly used in dog fighting. They are small in size and weigh about 25 – 35 kg.

*The Old Southern Whites type: These are the original country bulldogs. They served as a raw material for Johnson, Scott, etc, and helped them to develop advanced breeds of the American Bulldog.

*The Hybrid type: These are mainly American Bulldogs whose bloodline is a mixture of Johnson and Scott type. Some of the successful breeders of this type are Kyle Symmes, Matt Boyd, Grey Souza, etc.

Temperament: The essential characteristics of the American Bulldog are those, which enable it to work as a hog and cattle catching dog, and a protector of personal property. These tasks require a powerful, agile, confident dog with a large head and powerful jaws. The American Bulldog is a gentle, loving family companion who is fearless enough to face an angry bull or a human intruder; Good with children; Good with pets.

Health: The average lifespan of this bred is between 10 – 14 years, and their main health concern is the development of hip and elbow dysplasia. Regular joint health supplements can lower their chances of developing severe dysplasia. American Bulldogs are also at an increased risk for bone cancer, eye conditions such as entropion and ectropion, and enlarged hearts.

Famous American Bulldogs
Chance- in homeward Bound I & II
Tallulah- owned by Jenah Parris

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