Best Bully Sticks Rescue/Shelter Donation Program

Every dollar counts!

Best Bully Sticks Rescue/Shelter Donation ProgramPlease donate a $1.00 to Rescues and Shelters in Need around the country. Help Best Bully Sticks lend a helping paw to worthy animal shelters and rescues around the country who are dedicated to the safety and protection of animals. Many of these non-profit animal shelters and rescues rely upon the generosity of volunteers and donations to continue their rescue efforts and they need help. Bring joy into the life of animals awaiting a forever home to call their own and help rescue many more animals in need by donating $1. The money raised will help with out reach, basic animal necessities and rescue programs .

So, we encourage you to put your money where your heart is by making a heartfelt donation. Remember its not the size of the donation that matters but the size of the heart. Please join us in our efforts to give back to animal rescues and shelters who give back everyday. Thanks to your generous support we can help animal rescues & shelters protect dogs, cats and animals all around the country.

How It Works!

  • Best Bully Sticks will match dollar for dollar. For every $1 you donate we will donate a $1(i.e. If 500 customers donate a $1.00 for a total $500 Best Bully Sticks match the contributions raised)
  • All the money raised will be donated to animal rescues & shelters (100% no administration fees) and audited by a Third party
  • Donations raised by you will be given to 3 different rescues monthly. All money donated will be shown publicly and organizations that benefit will be announced on our blog.
  • We will interact via contests, story submissions, guest blogs, etc with animal rescue and shelters for their chance to be one of the 3 organizations donated to each month.
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