Best Bully Sticks Rescue Spotlight: Janice Wolf & Rocky Ridge Refuge

Janice says it was never a choice. It was a calling.

“I have rescued animals from my earliest memory. Just born to do this. Over the years I would do what I could, where I could. I grew up as a ‘military brat,” always moving around and with parents who were not very keen on animals, so I did not have pets very often. I did keep various wildlife ‘patients,” like orphaned baby birds and injured bunnies, stashed in the woods in my makeshift ‘MASH’ units, so I could care for and then release them all healed.”

It’s hard to describe who Janice Wolf is. She’s the founder of Rocky Ridge Refuge, a rescuer, a healer, a spokesperson, an advocate and more. But since Best Bully Sticks held our $500 Animal Shelter Giveaway, we quickly realized exactly what Janice Wolf does. Simply put: she loves animals.

Janice Wolf loves animals. It determines her every action. The well being of her animals, from the fawns, ducks, sheep, dogs and at one point a very famous bull, is what makes life worth living. 

“I have had serious health issues for many years and helping and caring for the animals literally gives me a reason to get up everyday and fight through daily pain and fatigue. I have never had a family of my own, so these critters are my family.”

Janice’s family is a wonderful one and they return her love.  Although, with 50-60 family members, things sometimes get a little cramped.  But, just like a true family, they make it work.

“I take in so many different species that live together as ‘family’. That is mainly due to lack of space, so we all have to share and get along! My tiny house is only 600 sq. ft., and dogs (many HUGE), and assorted other critters live here. I don’t have another suitable place for the orphaned and injured babies I often get in, so its not unusual to find a fawn in the bedroom, a litter of pups in the bathroom, or an injured critter in the kitchen. Right now, newly rescued baby bunnies and ducks are sharing my bedroom until it gets warmer outside!”

Janice’s dedication can’t be questioned. She’s given up a lot of “creature comforts” to truly make her creatures more comfortable.  

“For 10 years I didn’t have such things as a TV, washer/dryer/ air conditioning, computer. I still don’t have a cell phone, iPod, or any other modern gadgets. I shop at thrift stores and rarely go to a movie or restaurant. But it’s not really a sacrifice because I don’t long for these things either.”

Because Janice loves to care for animals and does it well, she has seen amazing recoveries and many lives saved.

“I have been blessed to be a part of some true miracles; from blind animals that have regained their sight, paralyzed that have walked again, to dogs from the worst abuse cases healing and then nurturing other needy critters. I have so many stories, I hope to find the time and energy to write a book!”

It’s easy to see that Janice is a truly sacrificial person. And as if you need another reason, BBS will give you one. Rocky Ridge had record turnouts for our nomination and voting rounds and very easily won the $500 grand prize. However, Janice realizes that there are a lot of other rescues who need help as well. She re-donated the $500 prize between five animal rescues and shelters equally and saved none for herself.

However, this doesn’t mean she is without need.  She’s just a very humble and sacrificial woman.

“My biggest need is for a larger house. I live in a tiny metal building never meant to hold many. Other than that, just need great adopters, because I can only help more if the ones ready for a forever home move on to that. I feel very blessed though for being able to do what I do and that I have supporters and encouragers now.”

If you would like to donate to Rocky Ridge, you can send in a check to 425 County Road 1123, Gassville, AR 72635 or donate through PayPal on their website.

It’s easy to say that Janice Wolf’s dream has come true.  Best Bully Sticks congratulates her on winning our $500 Grand Prize as well as the five animal rescues who were lucky enough to have Janice as a friend.

Visit her Facebook to see daily updates from RRR, including adorable photos of all her critters. If you would like to adopt or volunteer, more information can be found on RRR’s website

Check out this amazing video about Janice & RRR!


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