Best Bully Sticks Rescue Spotlight: In The Arms Of Angels

When luck is present, why not spread it around? Best Bully Sticks thinks luck is catching, especially in the case of our recent 1-Day Animal Shelter/Rescue Giveaway.  As it usually goes, Best Bully Sticks has the opportunity to have a couple 1-Day Giveaways each month. Last week we had a great number of people turn out to vote for their favorite shelters and rescues as usual, however, two rescues were neck in neck the whole day. Rocky Ridge Refuge and In The Arms Of Angels were so close that we decided to let both win a BBS product donation. We were lucky to have extra to donate, so why not let both rescues be lucky? In the process, all the dogs who in the care of these rescues will benefit from these yummy treats! What luck!

Today BBS is highlighting the work of In The Arms Of Angels, a rescue group in Green Valley, AZ.

AOA is a dog rescue that saves dogs from being put to sleep at overcrowded shelters and finds them loving, safe & happy homes. Our mission is to save as many lives as possible, whether it be taking a pregnant mom from the shelter and allowing her to have her puppies in a safe secure home, or taking a dog from the streets that did not have a home. We rehabilitate problem dogs that may have been euthanized from aggression, or that just have no manners. We provide shelter for these homeless pets and training, medical and food for them as well.

Tiffany and Amanda started AOA out of a sheer want and need to help. These women have gained non-profit status as of November 2011 and are helping animals wherever there is need. And of course, the experiences are very rewarding.

When we intake new fosters, many of our them are sick and have to be nursed back to health. To see them so sad and ill, then watch them transform to happy, healthy dogs and then go to a home where they will be treated like the amazing miracle they are, that is the greatest reward.  It really is an amazing process.

In fact, Tiffany and Amanda say it’s even hard to pick out just one success story. They chose to share a story about Lily, a former bait dog who just wanted a loving home. We think you’ll find it as mesmerizing as we did.

Lily is a sweet little white American Pit Bull Terrier. (pictured to the left)  She had some very nasty scars on her because she was a former bait dog.  Lily has such an amazing soul.  Despite the way she was treated (by humans and dogs) prior to coming into this rescue Lily loved everyone.  It was obvious she loved her new life.  We had Lilly for several months as she was passed by event after event because of her scars and what people thought that meant about her.  Then finally her day came!   Amanda and I were so excited we both took Lily to her forever home. 

This family had never had a bully breed.  They had a 120lb yellow lab who was huge next to Lily who weighed about 45lbs.  Upon their first vet visit with Lilly, the vet informed them the pit bull they adopted would turn on their dog and kill it.  Such a sad comment coming from someone who people look up to and trust for dog advice.  They immediately called us and we spoke with them about the common myths about “pit bulls”.  They kept Lily and a year later Lily and their lab Robby are best friends. 

This is an update they sent us: “Today is the 1 year anniversary of my adoption of Lily!!! She is one of the best dogs I have ever had! I did not know anything about pitties when I got her. Now I think they are the best, and have turned into quite an advocate and defender of the breed. Lily is smart, loyal, sweet, beautiful, and she listens. What more could you ask for? I am so happy that I have Lily, and I want to thank you again for letting me adopt her. I can’t imagine life without her. I wish that I had gotten her before all of the abuse she suffered, but I am so glad that I got a chance to give her the love and spoiling that she deserves for the rest of her life. Here are some photos of my darling “Lily Pie” and her brother, Robby, who adores her, too.”

If you would like to help further AOA’s mission by donations or volunteering, contact Amanda at 520-429-8030, Tiffany at 520-245-4599 or via email:

We are always in need of foster homes, volunteers, donations including but not limited to leashes, puppy pens, folding kennels, kennel pad, food, treats and monetary donations.  Also sharing our adoptable dogs online is another great easy way to help.

Thanks to AOA for all the amazing work they do. If you would like to nominate your favorite animal rescue or shelter for our next 1-Day Giveaway, nominate them below in the comments section or email with your nomination.

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