Best Bully Sticks Product Spotlight: Bison Femur Bone and Jumbo Smoked Cow Ears




Looking for a dog treat to keep your dog entertained for hours? Try these delicious treats for your pet! We at have two products your dog will love: Jumbo Smoked Cow Ears, and our Bison Femur Bone.

This Bison Femur Bone is huge, over a foot in length, and weighs up to 4.5 pounds and between 14-20 inches in length. Containing no hormones or preservatives, this bone is made from 100% all natural Bison. As an added bonus, there is still some meat on the bone for your dog to chew on!

Our Jumbo Smoked Cow Ears will have your canine’s mouth watering! These treats have a savory smokey flavor that’s extremely. At twice the size of our regular cow ears, these treats will make for some great chew time for your dog. With no artificial flavors, preservatives or hormones in this dog chew, these treats are perfect for your dog.

Both of these 1-ingredient dog treats can fit your dog’s size and chewing temperament. Your dog will have hours of entertainment chewing on these and you can ensure peace and relaxation in your house!


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