Best Bully Sticks Online Security

Best Bully Sticks Site Security

As our company has continued to grow we have made the decision to continue to invest in our online security measures to ensure a safe online shopping experience for all of our customers!  Our site has always been extremely secure, but now we have added Mcafee security to our site for an additional layer of protection.  Mcafee is now scanning our site daily to ensure that it is secure, and free from potential problems.

We have always been a Authorize.Net approved merchant, and offered a robust SSL certificate; which is what causes browsers to show the “lock” image on them.  We hope that all of these measures ensure our customers a safe online shopping experience and display our commitment to your data security and privacy!

As always, thank you all for your continued business and support; we look forward to bringing you many new and exciting dog treats and chews in the months to come!


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