Best Bully Sticks New Products: Olewo Carrots And Red Beets

At Best Bully Sticks we consider your pets part of our pack and family. Like our beloved pugs Sushi & Espy, we only want to give your furry family member the best in healthy, safe pet products. We are constantly searching for the best of the best so if you have any feedback or product suggestions please let us know. So here is what’s new on the site and in our wag of the woods! Please be sure to check out our barkworthy new products for everything we have added in the last month.

Introducing Olewo Carrots And Red Beets: All Natural Pet Supplements

Olewo Carrots And Red BeetsNo other company makes all natural pet food supplements like Olewo GmbH in Germany. Olewo grows special carrots and red beets expressly for producing food supplements for pets. The highest quality standards are applied and no shortcuts are taken. Strict and rigorous quality controls have been developed every step of the way, from growing and harvesting to production and storage to create unique and highly effective all natural supplements containing valuable vitamins and nutrients.

Germany is the country with the longest tradition in organic farming and marketing of health products. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the 1970’s when Olewo started producing the first carrot chips for pet food supplements, natural pet foods were not common in the United States.

All Olewo carrots and red beets are planted on farms specifically dedicated to Olewo pet supplements. Crops are situated in the flat terrain of Northern Germany known for its extremely fertile soil. Dedicated crops assure that Olewo vegetables are free from toxic pesticides and herbicides. All carrots and red beets grown to produce Olewo supplements are tested and exceed farming standards required for vegetables produced for human consumption.

Two crops are planted each year, and daily harvesting of carrots and red beets takes place from July through February of the following year. Throughout growing and harvesting, the vegetables are strictly monitored to determine when carotene and nutrients are at their highest levels. The vegetables are picked and moved to production immediately after harvesting to assure none of the valuable carotene and vitamins are lost.

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