Best Bully Sticks Launches New Dog Chews!

We have started to look seriously into two new kinds of chews and are very excited to be carrying both of them in 2008.  Although we specialize in bully sticks, we feel like they will make a great addition to our dog chew selection and offer plenty of quality chewing time for your dog(s). 

 The first chew that we plan to offer is the full line of Sam’s Yams products made by Front Porch Pets.  These chews are made from sweet potato and have ridges cut into them.  They come in different sizes depending on the size of the dog and last quite a while.  We have tried them with our in house taste testers and they give them two paws up! 

 The second line that we will be launching will be Antlerz.  These are deer antlers that have fallen off of deer naturally and then cleaned and sold in various sizes.  They are rich in all sorts of minerals and are extremely long lasting chews.  If your dog is going through their bully sticks too quickly this is a great alternative.  

 Please contact us with any questions about the new lines and let us know any feedback that you have.  We look forward to continuing to bring you the most exciting all natural treats and chews on the market. 

 Avrum, Best Bully Sticks

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