Best Bully Sticks Launches Dr. Harveys Dog Food Companions

Best Bully Sticks Launches Dr. Harveys Dog Food Companions and Pre-Mixes

We are excited to bring you a two revolutionary dog/cat food pre-mixes. These freeze dried veggies and veggie/grain mixes are a fantastic way to provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber to your pooch. By adding the mixes to your pooches diet, you will give your dog the key to proper nutrition and a happier, healthier life. You can add the mix to your pooches current food or you can also add it to your pooches raw food diet (it works great with the Oma’s Pride freeze-dried food).

Many of the dog foods out there are packed with preservatives and additives to make the food last a long time. In fact, no meat can stay at room temperature for more than a few hours. This is why commercial dog foods use so many preservatives to keep the meat they use from spoiling. They also use dyes and artificial flavors to enhance the way the food looks and tastes. Dr. Harvey’s contains no preservatives, no coloring agents, and no artificial flavors.

Dr. Harvey has two formulas; Veg-to-Bowl which contains only veggies and Canine Health which contains 6 certified organic grains, 9 vegetables, and 13 herbs. When these meals are combined with fresh protein and oils, the result is the healthiest meal available for your pooch. Go to each individual listing to see how it works. We have started our dogs on the Veg-to-Bowl and Oma’s Pride food and not only are they getting the healthiest food out there, but they go bonkers for breakfast and dinner!

To us the coolest part of Dr. Harvey’s products are that they make any and every food out there BETTER, so if you are feeding raw, dry kibble, wet food, etc… you can enhance it!  Make sure to give Dr. Harveys a try we are sure that you won’t be disappointed!

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