Best Bully Sticks First Sponsored Dog – Montana


On April 13, 2008, a star was born.  We would like to introduce Montana, a 9 month old chocolate lab, who is making her start in two organization DockDogs and Ultimate Air Dogs.  Montana showed a love for water early on in her life and mom, Karman and dad, Eric knew she was set for stardom in Ultimate Air Dogs and DockDogs (besides the fact that they say it is an addicting sport anyway).  Since then and after working very hard, Montana has earned an AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and has made several great appearances at Ultimate Air Jumping and DockDogs events.

Dog Dock Jumping Pool

DockDogs Jumping Pool

Her first official jumping event (they must be over 6 months to qualify), in Novi, Michigan proved to be a great start!  Montana earned 2nd place in the senior jumping division at a UAD event.  But wait…. this is just the first official event.   In her second competition, last weekend, in Louisville, Kentucky @ a DockDogs event, Montana earned 2 First place finishes, 1 Second place finish, and 1 Third place finish!  This has clutched her a spot in the finals for the semi-pro division.

We are very happy to sponsor Montana and excited to watch her progress, she is only 9 months old, and has tons of time to grow.  We would like to think that Montana’s success is due to the great, all natural dog treats that she enjoys, but we don’t think that is the case!  Please follow our blog for updated and exciting information on Montana!

Best Bully Sticks is proud to sponsor its fist canine athlete, please join us in rooting her on and wishing her luck……

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