Best Bully Sticks Celebrates Deaf Dog Awareness Week knows no two dogs are alike. Breed, coloring, temperament and more make each dog a special and unique creature. Unfortunately, disadvantages also separate dogs. There are so many wonderful dog rescues and causes that demonstrate extra love and support to dogs with disadvantages, and BBS knows that sometimes the saddest stories are not the disadvantages, but how people react to them. That’s why today Best Bully Sticks is talking about Deaf Dog Awareness Week.

Thousands of dogs each year are born deaf. Even more dogs lose their hearing because of age, illness or trauma. Many of these dogs aren’t given the chance to live healthy, happy lives and are euthanized. The Deaf Dog Education Action Fund is a non-profit organization that seeks to dispel the myths of owning and training a deaf dog.

Genetically, deaf dogs are without the pigmented skin needed in the inner ear and causes nerve endings to die in the first few weeks of life. Many of these dogs can be albino.

As puppies, deaf dogs will play harder with their littermates, such as biting harder because they can’t hear their brothers and sisters yelp. However, according to DDEAF, this does not make a deaf dog a more aggressive dog. This dog just needs loving training and for that DDEAF gives a lot of great advice. Ways of training a deaf dog can include sign language or a vibrating collar. If you have a deaf dog, talk to you vet about which choice might be good for your dog.

Yes, all dogs are different, but not all dogs have to be disadvantaged. Training and raising a deaf dog takes diligence and a lot of love. Find out more about training a deaf dog from 6-month old Great Dane, Shadow.

To learn more about DDEAF and their mission and the myths of deaf dogs, visit their website. 

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