Best Bully Sticks Breed Spotlight: Silky Terrier

Called a terrier yet classified as a toy breed, the Silky Terrier is a joyful, active dog that loves to snuggle as much as play. This little breed truly is the best of both terrier and toy worlds. A beautiful coat and a lively personality, this dog is a pleasure to have in any living environment. Find out more about this versatile breed in the Best Bully Sticks Breed Spotlight on the Silky Terrier.

History & Background: First called the Sydney Silky, this breed hails from Australia and is the product of interbreeding the Yorkshire Terrier and the Australian Terrier. The goal of this breeding was to improve upon the Australian Terrier’s blue and tan coat. The Silky and Australian Terrier were recognized as the same breed for a long time and the Silky is very often mistaken for a Yorkie. After much breeding, the Silky Terriers were identified as a breed of their own, standards were set and the breed was officially called the Australian Silky Terrier.

After WWII, American servicemen brought home Silky Terriers and then hundreds of Silkies were imported from Australia after gaining popularity in the states. The AKC recognized this breed in 1959. This dog is primarily used as a companion dog, but still exhibits the terrier tendencies for hunting small animals, such as rodents.

Height: 9-10 inches

Weight: average 10 pounds

Coat: Just like the name gives away, the Silky Terrier sports a single, glossy and silky coat. The length of the coat falls below the body outline but isn’t so long that it touches the ground. A Silky has so much hair on the head that it seems to form a topknot. These dogs are groomed so that the hair around the face is parted down the middle and continues this way toward the full length of the body ending at the base of the tail. Despite the profuse amount of hair, the tail is covered, but not plumed and the ears are completely devoid of longer hair. The feet and legs of the Silky should have short hair and shouldn’t be covered up by the body coat.

Color: This terrier is blue and tan. Both blues and tans can range from darker to lighter shades. The blue color starts at the base of the head, ends at the tip of the tail and even travels down the legs. The tan shows up on the head, cheeks, base of the ears, feet and legs.

Appearance: As a true toy terrier, the Silky is a dainty dog being small in stature, yet slightly longer than tall. Even though the Silky has a delicate bone structure, this dog is sturdy enough to live up to the terrier breed’s athletic substance. The head of the Silky is wedge-shaped and shows off the small, dark eyes and high, pointed ears. The nose should always be black. The tail is small and set high and breed standard calls for docking. This dog’s feet are very small and almost cat-like.

Temperament: It’s said the Silky Terrier is the best of both the toy and terrier breeds. A Silky will sit in its owner’s lap and be sweet and cuddly while also having plenty of tenacity during playtime. The breed is alert, friendly, active and learns quickly. Generally, owners love the life and joy this dog brings into a family. A Silky can thrive in any living situation but no matter where it lives, needs to be kept from being bored. A Silky really seems to just want lots of attention and affection.

Health & Grooming: The Silky Terrier is known to be generally healthy yet does sometimes suffer from issues like diabetes, tracheal collapse and epilepsy.

Grooming the Silky Terrier is a daily commitment to this dog’s owner. A Silky requires daily brushing and very regular bathing to keep the coat in the best condition. If this dog isn’t brushed as regularly as it should be, tangles and mats can be a problem. Trimming to make sure hair doesn’t fall into the Silkies eyes or sweep the floor is a regular need as well. This breed tends to shed minimally or not at all.

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Do you own or know a Silky Terrier? Tell us your favorite Silky Terrier story in the comments section!

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