Best Bully Sticks Breed Spotlight: French Bulldog

“A clown in the cloak of a philosopher,” describes the humorous, laid-back personality of the French Bulldog. This companion dog is spunky and affectionate; a great addition to any family. Find out more about this pint-sized spit-fire in the Best Bully Sticks Breed Spotlight on the French Bulldog!

History & Background: Originally created to be a “toy” bulldog derived from English Bulldogs, the French Bulldog’s breeding was brought about by lace makers in Nottingham, England.  The lace workers carried these miniature bulldogs to France with them when the Industrial Revolution displaced many English workers. These bulldogs quickly became popular in Paris and the English began sending the bulldogs considered too small or with faults such as standing ears to France. Soon the “Bouledogue Francais” was named as a breed and few miniature bulldog breeds remained in England. The English were none too happy about the name, but nevertheless, it stuck.

In 1885, French Bulldogs were brought to America and high-society ladies immediately took to the breed. In 1906, the French Bulldog was the 5th most popular breed in the U.S. The Rockefellers even owned a French Bulldog. While plenty of French Bulldogs have won “Best in Breed” none have even won “Best in Show” at Crufts or Westminster. This dog has had a continued and dedicated following through out the years. Famous Frenchie owners include Martha Stewart, David and Victoria Beckham, Hugh Jackman, and Jeremy Renner. Frenchies have even made silver and small screen appearances in movies like Due Date and TV shows like Modern Family.

Height: 12 inches at the shoulder

Weight: 28 pounds or less

Coat: A French Bulldog’s coat is smooth, short and fairly fine. This breed has soft skin that is loose around the neck and shoulders, creating folds and wrinkles.

Color: Acceptable colors by the breed standard are brindle, fawn, white, and brindle and white combination. Black isn’t an acceptable color for the show ring, but black with any trace of brindle is deemed satisfactory.

Appearance: Frenchies are solidly built, well-muscled small dogs, making them very compact and sturdy. These dogs have a square head with a curved forehead. This dog has small, low-set eyes that are dark and fill the eye showing no white. This bulldog shouldn’t have bulging eyes. The eyes paired with the upstanding, “bat-like” ears make the French Bulldog look very alert and curious. French Bulldog’s ears are one of the breed’s most defining physical characteristics. They are broad at the base, rise high and are rounded at the top. The muzzle is broad and deep and the nose is usually black. The top lips hang over the lower and the jaw is square.

The body is short and rounded. Frenchies have short front legs that are muscular and set on the outside of the body, creating a wide look. The back legs are longer and every bit as muscular as the rest of this dog. The tail can be straight or corkscrewed.

Temperament: French Bulldogs have a very comical personality and love to goof off and clown around. These dogs are naturally curious, sweet and very easy going. They do well with strangers and would rather be with their family than anything else. This dog usually doesn’t bark, but when they do, most likely it’s because they are drawing attention to something.

Health & Grooming: This dog needs minimal exercise but Frenchies do love to play. It’s very important that owners know that French Bulldogs cannot live outside. These dogs have respiratory problems and one of their main body functions is regulating their breathing, and cannot, therefore regulate body temperature well. They tend to wheeze or snore in seasons of hot weather. Overfeeding and therefore obesity have very negative effects on this breed because the extra weight on the abdomen furthers breathing problems.

Other than their respiratory problems, this breed has eye, heart, spinal and joint problems. They often have birth by C-Section and it’s said 80% of all these dogs are born this way. A Frenchie can have high vet bills because they are prone to so many health problems.  A healthy French Bulldog lives 10-12 years.

Grooming for this breed is simple. Simply brush regularly and bath when needed.

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