Best Bully Sticks Breed Spotlight: English Springer Spaniel

A loveable and beautiful dog, the English Springer Spaniel is the favorite of both hunters and families wanting a great all-around dog. With an eager to please attitude and a stunning look, it’s easily understandable why these dogs are highly sought after. Learn more about the English Springer Spaniel on the Breed Spotlight.

History & Background: English Springer Spaniels were the predecessors of all other Spaniels, except for Cockers, which used to be born in the same litter. Both of these dogs were used for hunting: Cockers for woodcocks and Springers for flushing out “springing” game. Both of these dogs have been around since the Renaissance. It wasn’t until 1902 that Springers received their own status as a separate breed by England’s Kennel Club. In 1924, the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association was formed, making this breed more popular in the U.S. This dog is still makes for a great hunting dog and serves many homes as a wonderful family companion.

Height: Males 18 to 20 inches; Females 17 to 19 inches

Weight: For show dogs: Males 50 to 55 pounds; Females 35 to 45 pounds. For field dogs, weight is less and they are much more lithe than show dogs.

Coat: A Springer has an outer and undercoat, which are easily differential on the body. The medium-length outer coat is flat or wavy and the undercoat is short, soft and dense. Depending on the season, the dog will have more or less of an undercoat, but when both coats are fully intact, a Springer is virtually waterproof and weatherproof. This dog also has considerable fringe on the ears, chest, legs and belly. Everywhere else, the hair is short and fine. Working Springers usually have shorter, harder coats.

Color: These Spaniels are usually colored in a few different ways.
Liver or black with white markings
White with liver or black markings
Blue or Liver Roan
Any white portion of a Springer’s coat can have ticking.

This dog’s nose is liver or black depending on the color combination. Eyes are the same way, and are usually dark hazel in the liver and white dogs and black or deep brown in the black and white dogs.

Appearance: The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized dog, sturdy in shape and well balanced. Overall this dog is built for agility and endurance. The head of this dog is impressive with a beautiful profile without being heavy. The eyes and expression of this dog are what make the Springer such an appealing animal. The setting, shape and coloring of the eyes exude affection and make the Springer look very soulful. Ears of a Springer are set low, are wide and long. The muzzle and skull lie on parallel planes and the chest is deep on these dogs. Springer’s front legs are straight and they have docked tails.

The Springer shares many similarities with other Spaniels in their sporting group, such as Cockers and Welsh Springers. The differences between Cockers and English Springers are that Cockers are smaller and English Springers have higher-set ears, longer muzzles, less prominent ears and a sparser coat. As for the differences between Welsh and English Springers, the major distinctions are that the Welsh cousins tend to be smaller and have more limited colorings.

Temperament: Very friendly, eager to please, intelligent and obedient; the English Springer Spaniel is an amazing family dog. Because of their alert and committed natures as hunting dogs they are a dedicated and loyal breed in any family environment. This dog ranks 13th in dog intelligence, which means Springers need to be physically and mentally exercised often. Springers have long legs and love to run and play fetch, so this dog is always willing to play. This breed loves water, too! This is a highly sociable breed as well and is great with kids and other dogs. As puppies these dogs can be high-energy, so early training and guidance is a must.

Health & Grooming: Springers are prone to hip dysplasia, PRA (an eye ailment), PFK (a blood disorder), ear infections and allergies. This breed also tends to gain weight easily, so owners have to regulate their feeding closely.

English Springer Spaniels tend to live 12 to 14 years.

More or less, this dog is shown in it’s natural state, but some trimming and grooming is usually needed to keep this breed’s coat healthy looking.

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Do you own or know a English Springer Spaniel? Tell us your favorite Springer story in the comments section!

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