Best Bully Sticks Breed Spotlight: Brittany

Today Best Bully Sticks highlights the Brittany.  Easy going, easy to please and easy on the eyes; the Brittany is a sweet and beautiful dog with a hunting instinct in its veins. A favorite of hunters and field trial competitors, the history of the Brittany is to hunt, point and retrieve game. The Brittany will also be a loyal companion in any family and because of this breed’s all around good nature, has been gaining a lot of popularity outside the hunting world. Read more about the loveable Brittany below!

History & Background: Named after a French province, the Brittany is a skilled hunting and pointing dog, and has been depicted in paintings and tapestries from the 17th century. The first written account of this breed was from a Reverend in 1850 speaking of the wonderful hunting abilities of a bobtailed dog. There isn’t much known about the breed history of the Brittany but it’s suggested that a French hunting dog was bred with English Setters producing a modern Brittany. With their uncanny resemblance to Welsh Springer Spaniels, it’s said both these dogs have a common ancestry.

A Brittany was first shown at the Paris Dog Show in 1900 and the first breed standards were outlined in 1907. In 1931, the AKC recognized this dog and approved them for the show ring and field trials in 1934. In fact, the Brittany has more dual championships in America than any other breed.  Before 1982 this dog was called the Brittany Spaniel, but they are now know as simply “Brittany.”

Height: 17 ½ – 20 ½ inches

Weight: 35-55 pounds, Males; 25-50 pounds, Females

Coat: A Brittany has a dense, single coat that is flat or wavy but never curly (by the breed standard.) The texture of a Brittany’s coat isn’t wiry nor is it silky. The coat does feather at the ears, front and hind legs, but again, the breed standard prefers less than more fringe.

Color: The AKC recognizes the Brittany in three different color combinations: orange and white, liver and white and a liver tri-color. The orange/white and liver/white can show up as a very definitive pattern or roan, which is a fading of colors from pale to concentrated. The liver tri-color Brittany is a liver and white dog with orange markings on the eyebrows. Some ticking, or small spots of color that show through a white coat, are favored for all color combinations. The nose is always tan, fawn, shades of brown or deep pink depending on the coat color.

The AKC doesn’t recognize the color black in any combination, but many other clubs and dog organizations do. Black and white and black tri-color are possible black color combinations accepted in other parts of the world.

Appearance: The Brittany is a sturdy, medium-sized dog that is all legs! This dog’s legs from shoulder to paw are the same length as it’s entire body. The leggy-ness of this dog helps it cover a lot of ground and quickly. The Brittany is very agile, alert and active. This dog has floppy ears, a wedge shaped head and a medium sized muzzle. In America, a Brittany is either born with a bobtail or the tail is docked to create the bobtail look.

Temperament: A sweet, good natured and easy to train dog, the Brittany has gained a reputation of being an all-around great dog to own. This breed is very intelligent, obedient and eager to please as well, which is why it makes such a great hunting dog. As any other puppy, the Brittany needs to be socialized in many different situations early in life. As a family dog, a Brittany needs to have plenty of playtime and mental stimulation to fulfill this dog’s needs. One to two good walks per day suit this dog well.

Health: Maintenance of this breed is fairly simple. The Brittany’s ears need to be cleaned often because their floppy ears are prone to hold on to moisture in the ear canal. Because this dog has no undercoat, shedding isn’t a major problem and bathing is on a “when needed” basis only. A Brittany lives on average 12 years.

Major health problems for this breed include hip dysplasia and epilepsy. Brittany’s are among the list of dog that can be affected by the autoimmune disease, canine discoid lupus erythematosus.

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