Best Bully Sticks Breed Spotlight: Borzoi

The Borzoi—the graceful Russian hunting dog. Here at Best Bully Sticks, this big, fast and exotic wolfhound fascinates us. Read more about this Russian beauty below!

History & Background: The Borzoi is a sight hound that was bred by crossing Arabian greyhounds and a thick-coated Russian greyhound. “Borzoi” actually means “fast” in Russian and this dog was a constant companion to Russian aristocracy for hundreds of years. This breed was used to hunt wolves, fox and hare in the Russian plains. In 1936, this dog became known as the Russian Wolfhound in America.

Height: At least 28-30 inches for males; at least 26 inches for females

Weight: 60-105 pounds

Coat: The Borzoi’s coat is long and silky. The texture of the coat can vary from straight to wavy to curly. On the head, ears and fronts of the legs, the hair is short and smooth yet the neck should have dense hair. This dog’s hair feathers on the back and front of the legs, tail and chest.  Regular brushing and bathing are required to keep up the coat.

Color: This dog can be found in any color or color combination.

Appearance: Sometimes called the “long-haired greyhound,” the Borzoi’s history as a hunter has provided this breed with very specific and distinctive physical traits.  As an extremely fast runner, the Borzoi has muscular legs and smooth body lines. This breed looks very similar to the Saluki as well. 

Temperament:  This dog is very independent, yet very quiet. These dogs aren’t alarm-raisers and are more prone to lay on the couch.  They’ve been described as having a cat-like nature. These dogs are fine with children and other pets as long as they were brought up around them. The Borzoi does need daily exercise and when in a playful mood, will chase anything that moves, which means they need a fenced in backyard or to be kept on a leash. This dog makes an excellent house pet and adapts very well to suburban life as long as there is room enough to run around.

Health: The Borzoi don’t have any major health issues and usually live 10-12 years. Sometimes they even live as long as 14. During early and mid life stages, this dog is very active, but in elderly age, this dog will be a constant couch potato.

Product Suggestions:  Best Bully Sticks knows that this dog is going to want to play some serious fetch. We think the Nite Ize Meteorlight would be perfect! This light up ball gives you the ability to play fetch into the night! Isle of Dogs Vital Dog Treats are perfect for this breed! The protein, vitamins and minerals are packed in tight with yummy peanut butter that the Borzoi will love!

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