Best Bully Sticks Affiliate Program

Best Bully Sticks Affiliate Program

We are very excited to launch our new affiliate commission program. This is a great way to earn extra money for breeders, rescue groups, meet up groups, fly ball teams, shelters, breed associations, and yourself. If you have a space on the web like a blog, website, etc.. all you have to do is join our affiliate program and begin earning donations for your organization immediately. Unlike a lot of programs out there where commission is split we are giving a full 6% on any sale that is made through your web medium. If nothing else, it is worth signing up to earn a 6% discount on all of your own purchases!

Affiliate programs work as follows…..the affiliate (breeder,rescue) receives a unique ID code and banner to put on their website or blog, when someone leaves their website by clicking on a Best Bully Sticks banner the unique ID code follows them to Best Bully Sticks and allows us to track sales for commission purposes; it is as simple as that!~ If you have questions about eligibility or how it all works please give us a call or email.

Be sure to keep checking in on the blog and the site because we are going to be launching our most exciting lines of all natural dog treats and chews ever, within the next two months.

You can find out more about the  Best Bully Sticks Affiliate Program Here

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