Best Bully Sticks $3000 Favorite Dog Rescue Fish Stix Giveaway


Do you have a favorite dog rescue or shelter? Well we want to know about them & reward them. We are giving 5 lucky dog shelters $600 each of our Fish Stix for dogs.

Each rescue will receive:
150 6-inch fish stix                                                            & 100 12-inch fish stix.
CIMG0859 CIMG0864

250 total fish stix for a total value of $600!!! These are going to make some wonderful rescue dogs very happy!

About Fish Stix
Our Fish Stixs are organic dog chews. Fish Stixs are a new and exciting product that we are happy to bring to you! They are a wild, dried, skate tail (the ones from the ocean). They are very high in chondroitin, which is great for hips and joints. They are also one of the best teeth cleaners out there.  And they are all-natural & organic! You can’t ask for a better dog chew next to bully sticks of course.

About the Giveaway
So here is how the giveaway will work. We will have two rounds. (Nomination & Voting)
1. First leave a comment below to nominate your favorite dog rescue or shelter. If they are on twitter please leave their twitter name.

2. Than after a week of entries we will take the top nominations so you can vote on the top 5.

5 lucky dog shelters will each win $600 worth of fish stix (250 stix each)

(one of the large orders we recently received had some sticks that were broken & varied in size, what we would consider 2nds. Well dogs don’t know the difference & we are not the kind of company that wastes. So what better than to reward some great rescue dogs with yummy organic “2nds” fish stix.)

Total prize values: 1250 total fish stix for a $3000 total value.

How to enter:
To nominate your favorite dog rescue simply comment below.
(Continental USA Dog Rescues only)

Also please retweet on twitter & repost on facebook to tell your friends to nominate their favorite dog rescues!

Retweet:  RT: @BestBullySticks Nominate favorite dog rescue to win @bestbullysticks $3000 Favorite Dog Rescue Fish Stix Giveaway

Thanks for voting! Tell your friends to vote for their favorite rescue & stay tuned for the final voting round!

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