Beauty As Well As Brains: The Golden Retriever

Golden RetrieverFor many years, the Golden retriever has been highly regarded as the ideal pet for all types of families. Whether you have children or possess some form of disability, the incredibly smart and obedient Golden retriever could be the ideal addition to your family. He will be incredibly loyal to you will strive to please you with an abundance of love and affection.

Similar to other sporting breeds, the Golden retriever was born in Britain during the 1800s, following the breeding of its ancestors including the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel, amongst others. Developed by Lord Tweedmouth, the original litter of Tweedmouth’s breeds included a yellow retriever puppy of whose breed was unknown. Originally, the Golden retriever was used as a hunting dog, but as its beauty became recognized, it was soon moved to the show ring. Although the Golden retriever can sport coats of various colors, from a pale orange to deep gold, the deeper coat shades were more favored. However, in modern today, Golden retrievers are commonly found with medium to light shade coats.

Due to their past working background, Golden retrievers are incredibly strong, alert and active dogs. However, their gentle manners and friendliness makes them an ideal family pet. Should a Golden possess shy or neurotic tendencies, this is usually the result of poor breeding or a lack of socializing with humans or other dogs. When bred and looked after correctly, a healthy male Golden retriever will stand at around 23-24 inches from the shoulder and will weigh roughly 65-75 pounds. Females are slighter smaller and therefore will weigh less but will sport a longer body rather than a similar height. In all instances, a healthy Golden will possess a strong and well fringed tail. Should he be well looked after, this will almost be always wagging to show his happiness and/or excitement.

Gender can be easily identifiable by investigating the head. A male Golden will have a wider skill, muzzle and neck compared to females. Every Golden retriever, regardless of gender, will possess deep and gentle looking eyes that help emphasize their beauty but often, their intelligence can be seen through their eyes also. Similar to Labrador retrievers, a Golden’s ears will fall forward along the side of their head but do not hang as low as hound ears so to not hinder their vision. His coat will be dense and water repellent which is a characteristic which makes Golden retrievers good working dogs. His outer coat will be firm and resilient and depending on length, will either be straight or wavy. Compared to Labrador retrievers, Golden’s have softer and silkier coats, especially if they follow a healthy and balanced diet.

In order to maintain a good level of health and fitness, a Golden requires daily exercise in order to help keep his muscles strong and lean. Regular exercise can also be a great way in which to keep him obedient and happy. To coincide with regular exercise, a Golden will also require a diet of premium dog food, but although they are exceptionally good eaters, it is important that owners do not overfeed. Regular dog dental treats can help his mouth to stay clean and healthy. His coat will also require frequent grooming due to frequent molting. In regards to training, early socialization with other dogs can help to make a Golden retriever sociable with other dogs at an older age and will help to eliminate any aggressiveness. Due to their high level of friendliness and enthusiasm, it is important to train your retriever to not jump on others – especially if you have young children, as they can be incredibly unaware of their strength as they grow.

Most owners of a Golden retriever will find that their dog provides them with unconditional love and will be a pleasure to be around. By ensuring that you spoil him with dog toys and dog chews to keep him entertained and give him the exercise and diet he needs, you can expect to enjoy your loving Golden retriever for many years to come and gain a fantastic companion in the process.

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