BBS Training Tip #7: Finding and Choosing an Obedience Trainer

Obedience classes offer dogs a way to learn basic tricks while picking up important social skills along the way. BestBullySticks suggests starting obedience classes while your dog is still a puppy. In fact, training should begin as soon as your dog shows interest in receiving treats. Of course, old dogs are welcome too! It’s never too late to learn new tricks or reshape undesirable behaviors. Before you try and get your dog to jump through hoops, there are a few factors to consider before choosing an obedience class.

Finding Your Trainer

The best way to find a reputable trainer is to get a referral from someone you know. This could be a friend who’s a dog owner, family members, your veterinarian or even a neighbor. While it’s great to get a personal referral from a trusted source, it isn’t always possible. In case you can’t find a recommendation for obedience classes in your area, consider searching online or contacting your local SPCA. Many SPCAs even hold obedience classes of their own.

Quality of instruction is a very important factor to consider when choosing your obedience class. If possible, try and locate a certified trainer. Certified trainers and animal behaviorists are more thorough in their training.

There are multiple reputable organizations offering certification. Consider checking out the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers or the Association of Pet Dog Trainers to find a certified trainer in your area.

Finding the Right Class

It’s also important to find a class fitting of your dog’s personality and training needs. If your dog isn’t good around other dogs, you may want to look into personal lessons. However, obedience classes are a great way to socialize your dog. Socialization is one of the most important aspects of training and raising a dog. A well socialized dog is more comfortable around other dogs as well as people reducing the chance of an incident.

Nobody knows a dog better than their owner. Your dog’s personality should be the biggest factor when considering obedience classes. Depending on the needs of you and your dog, some trainers offer a variety of different classes. From agility to dog show training, there are a variety of obedience classes designed prepare your four-legged friend for all sorts of activities.

Make sure your expectations are realistic. A few training sessions — even with a professional — won’t guarantee anything. Training should continue to be reinforced at home. Many owners space out their dog’s obedience classes with home training. Not only does this cut down on the cost of training, it also gives your dog an opportunity to learn in different environments.

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