BBS Rescue Spotlight: Rescuzilla loves hearing a good dog rescue story and Rescuzilla out of NYC has a lot of good ones. We spoke to Katherine Good, one of the coordinators at this passionate animal rescue about the successes and needs of Rescuzilla.

When & Why did you start?  
Rescuzilla was founded in 2009 in the hopes of responsibly saving dogs and cats from being part of the millions of animals that are killed each year in the United States. After years of volunteering and caring for animals at the shelter we wanted to be able to make sure that animals we met got the chance to be wonderful family members. Starting a rescue was the next logical step in doing so.

What’s different about your rescue? 
We are very much a grassroots and hand on rescue. As active volunteers at the Animal Care & Control of New York City and partners in their New Hope program, we are able to help animals from the beginning of their second life until their new forever home. Our program is small, with usually around 8 animals at a time, but every animal is in loving foster home and receives all the attention it needs whether it be medical or behavioral. 

What is the greatest success story or “win” that your rescue has had? 
This is a tough one! One of the few ways to measure it is by how far an animal has come since we first met him. One that always keeps us smiling is Benjamin Buttons. He was found with what we thought was a sweater that turned out to be a sweatpants leg that someone had fashioned into a shirt for him. A little, emaciated, chronically illsenior rat terrier.  He had to be saved but we knew it would take a one-of-a-kind family to see all his potential! He was fostered by an amazing family that embodies the definition of love. His mama fed him special meals, carried him all over the house in a pouch and let him sleep safely in bed, making sure he had his space right between her and her husband. It wasn’t long before Benjamin started putting on weight and his ailments dissipated. The foster family saw how special he is and knew he was meant to be with them forever. He is like a whole new dog; truly a Benjamin (Belly) Buttons.  


What’s the most rewarding thing about working at your rescue? 
The greatest part about running our rescue is having the opportunity to give the gift of unconditional love to families through adopting a new family member to them.  It never gets old!

What can people do to help your rescue? 
Rescuzilla is always looking for new foster homes, first and foremost.  We can also use help with transportation, fundraising events, photographing our animals, and lots of other little pieces of the puzzle! And of course, medical costs are our largest expense, so donations are always in need. We’d love to hear from you at if you’re interested in getting involved!

Watch a happy, tuckered out rescue dog from Rescuzilla named Emma Stone in the video below! A BIG Thank-You to Rescuzilla and their volunteers for all the hard work done in the name of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dog in NYC. 

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