BBS Rescue Spotlight: Puppy Rescue Mission knows of many rescues that go above and beyond the call of rescuing dogs from dire circumstances. However, there are no rescues quite like Puppy Rescue Mission. Not only does this organization take dogs out of rough circumstances, but out of war zones no less. And then this amazing rescue places these dogs with the American soldiers who adopted them while overseas. These special dogs love their soldiers and their soldiers love them in a symbiotic rescue relationship. PRM simply facilitates this process through their resources and capabilites, making many soldiers and dogs very happy. BBS had the opportunity to talk with Starla Trivilino from PRM’s Board of Directors.

When & Why did you start?
We started rescueing dogs from Afghanistan when Anna Cannan’s fiance was serving there.  The dogs attacked a suicide bomber trying to enter the barracks and the bomb detonated early before he could enter the barracks.  The dogs became very special to this unit as 57 soldiers were safe because of the dogs. Her fiance then took special care of many dogs on the Forward Operating Base and they became his battle buddies and his companions. He did not want to leave them behind so Anna started fundraising to bring 7 of the dogs to the USA.  That was the beginning of The Puppy Rescue Mission. 

What’s different about your rescue?  
It is Missions of Love to assist our military men and women serving in war zones. The donors to all the rescues have such huge hearts and love for our service members. It is the way for all of us to pay back for their sacrifice.

What is the greatest success story or “win” that your rescue has had?
Every one of the rescues are Miracles.  It is very hard to get the animals out of war zones and some take the assistance of contractors and other military personnel serving in the war zones.  We are always amazed at how these “special angels” will appear to assist the soldiers and their battle buddies. Scarface and Chloe may have been the most difficult to date.

Chloe’s Story
Scarface’s Story

Both Chloe & Scarface are safe at home in the U.S. with their soldiers!

To read more success stories of PRM, visit their rescue stories album on Facebook

What’s the most rewarding thing about working at your rescue?
Seeing how generous and kind so many people are and the strength and big hearts of our military men and women. 

What can people do to help your rescue?
Spread the word and donate those dollars.  One dollar goes a long way if we work together as a Team to accomplish these Missions.

We truly thank Puppy Rescue Mission for all the hard work they do in simultaneously making the lives of American soldiers and homeless dogs better. 

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