BBS Rescue Spotlight: Green Mountain Pug Rescue

A small group of dedicated, hardworking, passionate people can make a difference in a big world. One small group of people in Lyndonville, Vermont is changing the lives of Pugs in several states around the United States—Green Mountain Pug Rescue. had the opportunity to speak with Karen Powers about how the rescue began, it’s 11 year history and how you can help Green Mountain Pugs. 

When & Why did you start? 
I started GMPR in early 2001.  I had been volunteering for a new England based pug rescue and thought it would be nice to have a group for pug meet ups and education on the breed.  At my first gathering it was obvious we were starting a rescue, too.

What’s different about your rescue? 
This is a hard question, as all rescues work so hard to save lives.  We are a small group of Board Members making decisions in Vermont.  But we take in pugs from puppy mills as far away as Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas and as south as Georgia.  We do whatever vetting needed.  We do surgeries on the pugs as needed too- most rescues just don’t have the capabilities to do this.

What is the greatest success story or “win” that your rescue has had? 
There have been so many pugs we brought in with heartworm that got better through treatment here to be adopted out and adored and spoiled by their new homes. Or one senior pug that got ran over by a car, brought into vets to be put down as the family could not afford the vet bill.  The vet called us up and we took custody of him and did a lot of work on him – costing $4,000.00 by the time it was done. Miraculously, while he had tire tracks on his side- there was no broken bones or internal injuries.  Just his mouth was a mess.    He lost his lower jaw in the process but could still eat fine with his special diet of soft foods in meatball size.  Big John, as he was called, went on to live several years loved and adored adopted by a very special friend to GMPR.  His will to live was simply amazing and donations came in to help cover some of his costs.  Sadly we lost him this year, but his memory lives on in our hearts!

What’s the most rewarding thing about working at your rescue? 
Our pug social that we host yearly, seeing the puppy mill survivors not scared and cowering but flourishing and happy; tails just a wagging!  And seeing adoptions happen with one of your special fosters, when you thought it would be with you forever!  There are many days like this!  This helps us get through the worst when we get in so many puppy millers that are a mess medically and emotionally so bruised.

What can people do to help your rescue?
If you live in NH, VT or around Albany NY area, we definitely need fosters to continue our mission.  Volunteering at events, helping transport pugs when needed, make crafts to sell at our silent auctions, definitely need graphic artists help, too!

Congratulations to Green Mountain Pug Rescue on winning 2nd place in BBS’s recent “Every Dog Has Its Day” Charity Photo Contest. The money they won will be going to help pay vet bills for the 9 Arkansas pugs rescued on 8/24/12. One of these pugs, Angel, is pictured to the right. These pugs had severe flea dermatitis, infections, ear and eye issues. One of the pugs is losing both eyes.

If you’d like to find out more on Green Mountain Pug Rescue, visit their website or Facebook

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