BBS Rescue Spotlight: Fresno Bully Rescue

It’s a lot to take in. But they do it every day. Fresno Bully Rescue dedicates themselves to rescuing, rehabilitating and homing dogs but that’s only a part of their operation. As one of two bully-breed specific rescues in the state, FBR works to demystify this misunderstood breed. Fresno Bully Rescue has had successes and not just every time they find a bully breed a new, loving home, but each time they change someone’s mind about this great breed. had the chance to talk to Bridgette Boothe, the director of FBR about the rescue, their stories and how you can help.

When & Why did you start?
Since it’s founding in May 1, 2008, FBR has rescued over 500 dogs. At our shelter, we house over 40 resident dogs at all times. Some rescued from the community, from abusive homes, and county shelters where they were designated to be euthanized. Because of foreclosures in California, an overwhelming amount of dogs are being surrendered to shelters. Bully breeds are the first to be euthanized if no one adopts or rescues them. The service provided by FBR is critical for the Central Valley, which has one of the highest rates of euthanization in the whole of California.

What’s different about your rescue?
FBR is one of the only breed-specific rescues with an actual shelter facility in California. We take in dogs from all over the state and also adopt out to the entire state of CA. Besides rescuing and adopting, FBR is also committed to providing educational services in the community, micro-chipping, and promoting spaying and neutering and responsible ownership of the bully breeds. In addition, FBR is committed to advocating for the bully breeds by doing educational outreach to the high-risk communities about the illegal practice of dog fighting, as well as providing mental & physical rehabilitation and training to our bully residents while in our care.

What is the greatest success story or “win” that your rescue has had?
We’ve had some pretty amazing rescues come through our shelter. There are too many to count! Just seeing a dog go from being on the brink of death and despair to seeing it happy, healthy and in a loving family is the greatest reward. Bully breeds are the most abused and neglected breed out there so we have seen some pretty sad cases. It makes it all worth it when you reach the final goal of seeing that dog sleeping on the foot of a bed with its new owner.

What’s the most rewarding thing about working at your rescue?
One of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of FBR is being able to go out into the community and help change the negative perception of the breed. We go to schools, businesses and community events where we get to educate and advocate. We are changing minds and hearts and we can really see a difference.

What can people do to help your rescue?
We are 100% run by community support and donations. We have many donation and sponsorship programs and volunteer opportunities!

Thanks to Bridgette Boothe and all the hard working volunteers of Fresno Bully Rescue who help save the lives of bully breeds and find them in loving homes! Find out more about Fresno Bully Rescue on FBR’s Facebook or FBR’s website


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