BBS Rescue Spotlight: Compassionate Pug Rescue

Best Bully Sticks loves pugs. We started our company because of two very special pugs, Sushi & Espy. Since we love giving back to rescues, we’re always excited when we can help out a pug rescue. Compassionate Pug Rescue based out of Miami, Florida is committed to one mission: helping pugs in need and finding them the homes they deserve. We talked to Tracey Carr, a dedicated volunteer at CPR, about the history, experiences and success of this South Florida rescue.

When & Why did you start?
We started volunteering for Compassionate Pug Rescue in 2006. The rescue itself was started in 2000. We decided to volunteer because we owned three pugs and loved the breed. It was hard to believe so many needed rescuing and we wanted to help.

What’s different about your rescue?
We are a 100% volunteer run rescue; we get no government funding. All the money we raise goes back into the rescue to care for our rescues. We take all pugs regardless of their age or condition, and we also take pug mixes. On occasion, we also have pulled other breeds who were in jeopardy of being put to sleep.

What is the greatest success story or “win” that your rescue has had?  
We have been very fortunate and winners in numerous ways. Not by winning contests but by winning the support of so many great people. We have some amazing veterinarians who are truly miracle workers and have saved pugs who no one thought would make it.  We have wonderful volunteers that help us in so many ways from fostering to working events to raise money for the pugs. And we have the most generous supporters and donors who always seem to appear and donate what is needed just when we start to worry.

Dewey was found as a stray. He was starving and dehydrated and a very strong heartworm positive.  The heartworm treatment was very hard on Dewey- It took months for him to gain the strength and weight needed to address all his other medical issues and to neuter him. He had an enlarged prostate, rotten teeth, and a clotting issue.  Thankfully now 13 months later he is healthy and ready for a forever home.

Buddy came in heartworm positive, with severely crusted eyes, skin lesions, and a luxating patella. His heart was not strong enough for treatment so he had to be on heart meds for many months before he could get heartworm treatment.  He has been fully vetted now, neutered and is heartworm free! He is blind and will require eye drops for life.

Ty was found- it is believed that he was hit by a car. He had A crushed pelvis in 3 or 4 places and a fractured femur in 3 pieces. Ty’s pelvic fracture is on his right side and his femur fractures on the left. The Dr said the femur repair was a bear to fix as his leg was bowed.  They had to order a special type plate for his little leg. Ty’s repair was nothing short of spectacular. Instead of one rod going through his femur, there are two – one is inside the bone and there is another outside. His pelvis also has a plate and screws. He will never be able to go through airport security, but we don’t think he cares! He is getting lots of love! Ty went through daily physical therapy as his muscles had become stiff and had shortened. He is now well on the road to recovery!

What’s the most rewarding thing about working at your rescue? 
There are so many rewards in rescue, but it is most rewarding hearing from our adopters who say, “It’s like he or she has always been here,” “We love our pug so much and can’t imagine our lives without him!”  These are the happy beginnings that are so rewarding to all of us.  Knowing that we have made a difference not only for the pugs we rescue but in the lives of so many people.

What can people do to help your rescue?
Spay/Neuter their pets! Foster! Donate! Besides monetary donations we need their time, skills and help administratively.

Thanks to Tracey Carr and the other hard working volunteers of Compassionate Pug Rescue who help save the lives of pugs and put them in loving homes! Find out more about Compassionate Pug Rescue on CPR’s Facebook or CPR’s website

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