BBS Rescue Spotlight: Chance’s Haven


Rescue dogs just need a chance. That’s what the folks at Chance’s Haven dog rescue believe, making it their mission to rescue and “educate the public on the needs of these animals, until no one is left without a home and a loving family.” In and around their neighborhood of Gainesville, Texas, Chance’s Haven started with one beautiful dog named—you guessed it—Chance and now reach many dogs every year. BestBullySticks recently spoke with the rescue’s director, Karen Holland.

When & Why did you start?
Chance’s was formed after I saw the face of Chance the Great Dane on Facebook. I ended up being his foster and adopter but his face launched our rescue before he ever arrived. I had always rescued but in an unofficial capacity – we are very rural and the number of abandoned animals in this county is staggering. Chance’s face made me realize I needed to do more. Read Chance the Great Danes full story.

What’s different about your rescue?
We take in all breeds and all behavior of dogs. We do not shy away from the pit – or take in just those we think will be adopted quickly. A dog remains with us until he finds his family. Until that time – we are his family, even if it ends up being permanent. We also take in the seniors that most will not. We have a doggy retirement home of sorts and hope to one day have a large facility for the seniors. When they pass they are laid to rest in our memorial garden.

What is the greatest success story or “win” that your rescue has had?
To us they are all great and every home is a win! We have stories from Leya the Dane Mommy that we got from a back yard breeder and her 10 darling pups that are all in loving homes now to our wonderful pittie moms and their 10 litter each family whom we saved from kill shelters and got each into their forever families. Or Holly the senior who’s family dumped her at a kill shelter because she was too old and could hardly walk – and now accompanies me throughout my day and will continue to do so until she crosses the bridge and waits to see us on the other side.

What’s the most rewarding thing about working at your rescue?
Seeing the look in their eyes when they realize they are safe and again when their eyes light up as they meet that special family.

What can people do to help your rescue?
As with any rescue – donate, volunteer and help spread the word about the need for responsible pet parents!

Learning about the great programs and efforts of Chance’s Haven has been wonderful. It’s one more reason we were proud to donate $1,000 to their rescue in March 2013 after they won the Spring Into Action Charity Photo Contest on Best Bully Sticks Facebook.

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