BBS Rescue Spotlight: Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue

It’s impossible to deny animal rescues are doing a great service to homeless and hurting dogs around the country. BestBullySticks is grateful for all their work. Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue out of Southampton, PA is a great shelter helping pittie pups in their area, making a difference for this stereotyped breed. Their accomplishments shouldn’t be overlooked. However, in their minds, as long as a dog is saved at the end of the day, whether by them or another organization, it’s been a great day. Read more about this humble Pennsylvania dog rescue in BestBullySticks Rescue Spotlight on Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue.

When & Why did you start?

We started February 21, 2012 as an educational/advocacy group on Facebook. At that time we were Bella-Reed Pit Bull NETWORK. We then decided we wanted (needed) to do more for this amazing breed and turned it into a rescue on January 26 of this year. We have only been up and running as a nonprofit rescue for a little over 4 months and have adopted out 11 of our dogs to AMAZING homes!

BRPBR president Melissa Mariner adopted her first pit bull back in ’05 (McCready, AKA Reed, one of the mascots of the rescue). He has changed many minds to this day and Melissa had become aware of what a bad rap pit bulls get and decided to form the network back in 2012. Her lifelong dream was to have a rescue, and with the most amazing board directors and volunteers, BRPBR was formed.

What’s different about your rescue?

What’s different about our rescue is that we try and also help and network with other rescues. Since being involved in the rescue world, we see how many rescues compete with one another. We have a very strong circle of friends in other rescues and we help promote them just like we would promote ourselves. We have a courtesy photo album on our Facebook page of other dogs in other rescues/shelters/owner surrenders that are up for adoption. If someone doesn’t want to adopt any of our dogs, we refer them elsewhere. It’s not about competition for us. It’s about the dogs. We will NOT lose that motto.

We also follow up and keep in touch with all of our adopters to find out how things are going, well after adoption has taken place. We want to be sure that their new addition thrives in their home and is the best fit possible.

What is the greatest success story or “win” that your rescue has had?

We have a lot of amazing success stories. But the one that is most recent is about a little 4-6 month old pitty puppy that we pulled from a high kill shelter in Philadelphia. She came in as a “stray” and was completely emaciated and withdrawn. She was terrified of her own shadow, let alone other people. We received a cry for help with her and decided we had to pull her into one of our foster homes. One of our board directors, Beth Hucke, fostered her and within only 2 weeks, she was potty trained, at a healthy weight, and coming around to people. She also became best friends with her resident pit bull, Penny. Harper Moon is now was adopted – Friday, June 7th, to a great home! We couldn’t be happier.

What’s the most rewarding thing about working at your rescue?

Besides adoption, the most rewarding win is saving lives, hands-down. Also seeing the dogs we pull thrive in foster care and really show their true personalities.

What can people do to help your rescue?

We are in desperate need of foster homes! The more foster homes we have, the more lives we can save. We can only save as many dogs as foster homes we have. If you’re interested in fostering through BRPBR and live in the Philadelphia or surrounding counties, the Lehigh Valley, or Southern NJ, please fill out a foster app on our website at or email Melissa at

We are also always accepting donations (monetary and otherwise). Please visit our website at to see how you can help!

BestBullySticks says Thank-You to Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue for your hard work and efforts in saving dogs. We sincerely admire and are proud to support BRPBR. For more information visit Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue’s website or follow Bella Reed Pit Bull Rescue’s Facebook page.

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