BBS Rescue Spotlight: Anarchy Animal Rescue

Anarchy Animal Rescue out of Staten Island, NY doesn’t necessarily take the pretty dogs. They simply take the dogs that need a helping hand, rehabilitate and then find responsible owners who will love these wonderful pups. But they also educate the public on the need for pet population control. spoke with co-founder Fran Grimaldi about her passionate, dedicated and connect dog rescue.

When & Why did you start?
Anarchy Animal Rescue was founded in Dec of 2010 out of need and desires to help address two major animal crises in this country – unwanted adoptable pets and the mistreatment and abuse of animals due to puppy mills.  Our goal is to find good, loving homes for as many pets as we can take in, care for medically and place in responsible homes. After years of working in various animal shelters and fostering and volunteering with local rescue groups, we decided the time has come to do on our own what we do best—save lives! Every year millions of homeless adoptable pets are surrendered to kill shelters across the country. The majority of those animals are put to death due to overcrowding of these shelters. Overcrowding is caused by people purchasing animals from pet stores or breeders, and by not spaying or neutering their pets. Every time a person buys a pet or allows their pet to breed, perfectly adoptable dogs and cats are killed in a shelter. It is a vicious cycle and can only be stopped with education, outreach and adoption. If everyone adopted their pets from shelters or rescue groups, there would be less euthanasia in our city pounds. When shelters are overcrowded we are called in to help. By us taking shelter pets into our rescue, we open up cages so the shelters have room for other animals that are coming in resulting is fewer animals being put to sleep.

What’s different about your rescue?
Anarchy Animal Rescue pulls the “damaged” ones. We have pulled dogs with mange, dogs with one eye, dogs covered in mats, puppy-mill moms and dads! Anarchy rarely rescues “highly adoptable” dogs!

What is the greatest success story or “win” that your rescue has had?
Henry has by far been this rescues biggest success story! He was a 17 year old Wheaten Terrier we saved from the Brooklyn ACC; he was about 17lbs and almost dead! He was nursed back to health and he is now living an amazing life in PA! (see Henry’s Before & After photos below)

What’s the most rewarding thing about working at your rescue?
The most rewarding thing is the feeling you get when you see an animal go from rags to riches.

The butterflies in your stomach when an adopter meets one of you animals and says “I have been waiting for you to come along”—watching your rescue walk away with their new family is just incredible!

What can people do to help your rescue?
We need foster homes! We need people to get the word out that they should ADOPT! NOT SHOP!

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