BBS Recognizes “Earth Day”

BBS Recognizes With Earth Day rapidly approaching — April 22nd to be exact — we at BestBullySticks thought this would be a great opportunity to share ideas about making the most of this important holiday. After all, a clean and healthy environment will benefit both humans and their pets across the globe. First things first, though. Let’s take a step back take a look at the origins of this great holiday.

Earth Day

Originally conceived by John McConnell, an advocate of peace, religion, science and the common good, the idea of Earth Day was first presented in 1969 at a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) summit in San Francisco.

What was to follow was entirely grassroots in nature. Earth Day began as a peaceful cross-country demonstration celebrated by over twenty million Americans on April 22nd, 1970. With such widespread support, lawmakers were quick to take notice of just how interested people were in environmental awareness, and more importantly, reform.

Following the events of April 22nd, 1970, momentum for the movement steadily grew and by 1990 the initiative was taken internationally. Now organized by the Earth Day Network, Earth Day is celebrated in 141 nations across the globe!

Pet Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

With people all over the world taking part in Earth Day, let’s take a look at a few ways we can get our pets involved, too!

  • Ditch the car and take a lengthy walk with your dog instead of driving to the park
  • Carpool with friends for a doggy-date
  • Organize a local dog park clean-up
  • Put together a pet-friendly Earth Day themed event in your community

BBS Recognizes Spring Cleaning Solutions

With environmental awareness the cornerstone of this holiday, consider replacing some of your household cleaning supplies with more eco-friendly and non-toxic options. A wide variety of products are readily available that provide a safer alternative to chemical-based cleaning supplies. Better for you, Fido and the environment, all-natural cleaning products offer a responsible and healthier way to keep your home clean.

All-Natural Treats

BestBullySticks sells a WIDE variety of natural dog treats! Our entire line of single-ingredient bully sticks are 100% beef and sourced from healthy cattle offering a safe and nutritious alternative to conventional treats.

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