BBS Recognizes Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week

In 2013, the general public no longer thinks of an animal control officer as a heartless, net-wielding dogcatcher out to round up all the homeless puppies in your city. BestBullySticks is grateful for this shift in perspective because Animal Control Officers do a lot of good in their communities. Here are just a few duties of an ACO.

Protect The Public
Animal Control Officers take care of a myriad of issues relating to public health. This can include investigating animal bite cases, negotiating public disputes and capturing any animals threatening public safety. ACO’s also investigate animal cruelty cases and bring sick, injured and homeless animals to a safer environment.

Care for Lost Animals
Unfortunately, there are many homeless and neglected pets wandering city streets. Animal Control Officers are trained to safely and humanely take these animals to facilities for better care.

Reunite Pets with Their Owners
Animal Control Officers often pick up lost pets. They highly encourage the public to microchip, tag and license their pets, making their job easier when reuniting pets with their owners.

These public officers often put themselves in potential dangerous situations for the wellbeing of animals. The “dogcatcher” stereotype no longer applies—it’s a pretty noble profession. Many loving people go unnoticed for their dedication to animals, so how can you show your appreciation?

Volunteer & Donate
Become involved directly with your local Animal Control division. By volunteering your time or donating goods or money, you can directly help your city’s animal organization and therefore help more animals.

Help Educate
Educate your self and friends, family and coworkers on the proper procedure for reporting and helping strays as well as properly identifying their own pets.

Say Thank You
Send a note to your Animal Control Facility to say thank you. Your words will definitely be appreciated.

Send a pack of bully sticks to your local animal rescue or shelter by taking advantage of our Charity Packs!

Do you have awesome Animal Control Officers in your area? Tell us how you’ll say Thank You!

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