BBS GIVEAWAY: 3 Big Shrimpy Toys Every Day!

Enter For Your Chance To Win A Big Shrimpy Toy From BBS! 

More information about this great toy here!



Rules & Regulations

Only U.S. Residents are eligible to win contests.  

We do not accept any Voting Exchange votes as they are strictly against our and Facebook’s voting policies. We reserve the right to remove any derogatory comments or photos. Any suspicious activity will be monitored by contest managers. One vote per person. You must meet the requirements of the contest to be eligible. If you, or an organization you represent has won a Best Bully Sticks contest in the past 30 days, you will not be eligible for any prizes. 

Because of Facebook Policy, any comments that appear to be votes and are outside or our Poll App on Facebook, will be deleted to comply with Facebook Promotion Guidelines. 

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