BBS Celebrates Book Lovers Day for Dog Lovers

In two days, on Thursday, August 9th, the world will celebrate Book Lovers Day. This day is dedicated to the joys of sitting in a quiet, comfortable chair, hammock or park bench and retreating into a good read. Best Bully Sticks knows that this can be one of the best ways to relax, broaden your world view and have an adventure with well developed characters and plot lines. We also know that many of our readers and customers are complete dog fanatics! Who else would be reading this blog right now? That being said, we want to prep you for Book Lovers Day by providing a great list of dog-centric reads for you to enjoy!


By Lee Montgomery
Lee Montgomery brings together a collection of essays by acclaimed writers speaking about their reflections on dogs. Sometimes poignant, often hilarious, these essays are from the likes of American writers Barry Hannah, Victoria Redel and Lydia Millet.

Sophie: The Incredible True Story of the Castaway Dog
By Emma Pearse
An inspiring story of devotion and hope, Emma Pearse pieces together the story of Sophie, an Australian cattle dog, who was separated from her family and stranded on a dessert island. It seems fictional, but this true-to-life story is a heart wrenching tale of the tight bond between dogs and family.

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love
By Larry Levin
One look at Oogy and most would have turned away, but the Levin family stuck with him. Oogy, a form of “ugly,” describes the condition of this dog’s face, however Oogy’s face quickly became a beloved one.  This NYTimes bestseller recounts the life of Oogy, a dog once used for bait, and the family that he adopted.

You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness
By Julie Klam
In this story, the author, Julie, tells how her love affair with Boston Terriers changed her outlook on life and how to open her heart to people. This book recounts the great revelations that dogs bring to the humans that care for them.

Through a Dog’s Eyes
By Jennifer Arnold
Jennifer Arnold, founder and executive director of Canine Assistants, shares her training methods and experiences with service dogs in her book, Through a Dog’s Eyes. Through her own battle with multiple sclerosis, she strives to understand dogs’ intelligence, sensitivity and language. Since, her goal is to share her knowledge with readers and them in how to properly train a dog.


The Dog Who Couldn’t Stop Loving: How Dogs Have Captured Our Hearts for Thousands of Years
By Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
What is so magical about man and his best friend? Why do humans bond so tightly with these four-legged creatures? These are the questions that Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson seeks to answer through scientific research, and his own observations about human-dog relationships.

By Catherine Johnson and William Wegman
The subject of the photo book by Phaidon is evident, however readers will be surprised and delighted by the fantastic vintage photographs of dogs compiled by Catherine Johnson and William Wegman. This collection of photos is a great look into the past of “man’s best friend.” This book will be a wonderful treat every time you flip through its pages.

By Sharon Montrose
Another photo book, Mutts take a direct look into the faces of humble “mixed” breed dogs. Sharon Montrose’s photographs will lighten your heart through the scruffy mutts she pictures on each page.

The Art of Racing in the Rain
by Garth Stein
Garth Stein takes a great approach to telling a dog’s story by letting the dog tell it himself. This fiction piece follows Enzo the dog and his experiences as his life as a dog and a companion to Denny Swift, a race car driver. Through all of Denny’s life experiences, Enzo tells both of their stories; the good and the bad.

Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog
by John Grogan
Most of us have probably seen the movie, but Marley & Me should never be too fictionalized on the big screen and remembered as a true-to-life story about how dogs can teach us so much about life. Hilarious and heartwarming, John Grogan’s newspaper column, turned book is a wonderful story. 

The Call of the Wild
by Jack London
This classic novel follows a heroic dog and his adventures in the wild. Jack London’s book has enchanted children and adults alike with his vivid descriptions of such a brave and legendary dog, Buck. A must read for any dog lover.

Where the Red Fern Grows
by Wilson Rawls
Another oldie but goodie, Where the Red Fern Grows is a sad but beautiful tale of a young boy and his coonhounds, Old Dan and Little Ann. This story is a must on any dog lovers bookshelf, especially a child’s. 

We hope that you use these recommendations to find a good book to celebrate this Thursday! Happy Reading, Bully Fans! 

Tell us how you plan to celebrate Book Lover’s Day! Leave your comment below! 

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