BBS Breed Spotlight – The Saluki

Best Bully Sticks looks at an ancient breed this week, the Saluki.  This regal breed has been revered by kings all throughout history so we at BBS thought it important to pay this graceful animal some respect as well.  Read on to find out more about this ancient breed!

History & Background: It is thought that the Saluki is the oldest known breed of domesticated dog and has been seen in history as far back as the Ancient Egyptians.  Saluki’s were held in great esteem by the Pharaohs and were often mummified along with the Egyptian kings themselves.  This dog is known for it’s ability as a hunting dog and can chase prey over long distances and difficult terrain.  A Saluki is thought to be faster than a Greyhound at long distances and was credited as the fastest dog in the world in 1996 by Guinness Book of World Records.

Height: 23–28 inches at the shoulder

Weight: 40–60 pounds

Coat: The Saluki has a smooth, silky coat which feathers out at the bottom of the legs and on the tail.  Although the feathered variety is more common, a smooth, or short-haired Saluki exists.

Color: This breed’s coloring can come in many shades including white, cream, fawn, golden, red, grizzle and tan, tricolor and black and tan.

Appearance: A Saluki has a very graceful appearance yet shows its ability to run at great speeds and their great strength. Their tail is long and curved and they have very deep chests and long legs. These dogs are sight hounds, which means they hunt by sight and this feature gives this dog a very deep yet gentle gaze.

Temperament: The Saluki is a very reserved dog that is very independent although gentle and affectionate. This breed is generally not easy to train and shouldn’t be left at home for long periods of time because this dog tends to get bored.  This dog needs early socialization to prevent becoming shy later in life. Because Saluki’s have a hunting background, they are prone to chasing moving objects.

Health: The leading cause of death in this dog is cancer, making up for 35.6% of this breed’s fatalities, most particularly liver cancer or lymphoma.  This breed also suffers from cardiac related illnesses.  Salukis have a typical lifespan of 12 to 14 years.

Product Suggestions: The Saluki is a hunter, so BBS would suggest any of our line of freeze dried Fresh is Best treats.  These treats are 100% natural and are meant to be a “species appropriate” way to feed your dog as they would have fed in the wild hundreds of years ago. BBS carries everything from dried beef and veggie morsels to duck breast tenders to salmon steaks!


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