BBS Breed Spotlight – The New AKC Breeds Pt 5 of 6 – Norwegian Lundehund

Last week the Breed Spotlight looked at the very unique Xolo and this week Best Bully Sticks looks at another very unique breed, the Norwegian Lundehund.  Just keep reading to find about this surprising breed!

History & Background: The Norwegian Lundehund was used as a Puffin hunter in arctic Norway and has gained many interesting physical traits over time because of this. This dog wrestled and retrieved the birds from the crevices of steep vertical cliffs. When the Puffin bird became a protected species in the 1800s, the dogs were no longer of use to the farmers and breed number dwindled. During WWII two concerned Norwegians saved the breed yet numbers are still limited today.

Height: 13-15 inches (male), 12-14  inches (female)

Weight: 13-20 pounds

Coat: The Norwegian Lundehund has a double coat with a hard outer coat and a dense, soft undercoat. This dogs fur is short on the head and the front of the legs and longer and thicker around the neck and the back of the thighs. Hair on the tail is plentiful and is feathered. The males have even more fur around their neck.

Color: Sandy brown (fallow) to reddish brown to tan with black tips and white markings, or white with red or dark markings. More black comes out in this breeds hair the older this dog gets.

Appearance: The Lundehund is a small Spitz breed with some very unique characteristics not found in any other dog.  This dog has 6 toes all of which are full muscled and functional.  The Lundehund also an elastic neck and can bend the top of its head to its back. This feature was used to let the dog turn around in around in narrow puffin bird caves. A Lundehund’s shoulder are extremely flexible as well and can extend flat to the side in order to hug cliffs.  Their ears also fold closed, forward or backward to protect from debris. All of these unique traits come from the history this dog has as a Puffin hunter.

Temperament: This breed is very alert, energetic, loyal and protective. They might be reserved toward strangers but never aggressive. They love playing for a long time and are very curious. The Lundehund is also very loving and loves to be around around people.

Health: The Lundehund can sometimes suffer from gastroenteropathy, which is a digestive disorders that can lead to an overgrowth of digestive bacteria and a loss of ability to absorb nutrients from food. All Lundehunds have the genetics for this illness though not every dog is afflicted and some never show symptoms.

Product Suggestions: This little dog is full of energy and loves to play so BBS would suggest the ChompChamps Daisy Dog Toy.   It will give this pup the energy exertion it needs and is very durable. For treats, the Lundehund would enjoy Stella and Chewy’s Carnivore Kisses Duck Treats for Dogs. These all-natural, grain-free, freeze-dried treats might just remind the Lundehund of their historical orgins and a bird hunter!


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