BBS Breed Spotlight: The New AKC Breeds Pt 2 of 6: The American English Coonhound

Best Bully Sticks loves dogs. It’s undeniable. In fact, we love them so much we talk about them all day. Our weekly breed spotlights are especially made for that.  Last week we talked about the Cesky Terrier as a part of the new batch of AKC registered dogs.  This week we continue our New AKC Breeds Series by talking about the American English Coonhound.

Height: 24-27 inches (male), 23-25 inches (female)

Weight: 50-75 pounds

Coat: This coonhound has medium-length coarse, hard hair.

Color: The American English Coonhound’s coloring has several color and ticking combinations.  Ticking refers a pattern of small spots found in the white part of a dog’s coat.  Color and ticking combinations include red and white ticked, blue and white ticked, tri-colored with ticking, red and white and white and black.

Appearance: This hound has a strong and lean body with a deep chest. Other features include a strong back, well-defined muscles, a broad head and low-set soft ears.  All these features make for a graceful and athletic dog.

Temperament: Pleasant, alert and sociable are all strong behaviors for this hound breed.  Although this breed can be somewhat meek at times, they are avid hunters.  They are known for being great companions and are fiercely loyal to their owners as well as easily trainable. They aren’t quiet dogs and tend to bark or “bawl” at people or prey.

Health: The American English Coonhound needs lots of exercise because of their working dog background.  There are some cases of hip dysplasia, but this breed usually lives 12-15 years.

History & Background: This specific breed of coonhound evolved from English Foxhounds, which were brought to the New World and called Virginia Hounds.  As a hunting dog, this breed was used to hunt fox during the day and raccoons at night.

Product Suggestions: This Coonhound is strong and loves a work out. We would give this breed something tough to tackle, like our 12 inch Monster Bully Stick.  This stick truly is a monster and will keep this hound, and hounds like him, occupied.  For a toy, this breed would enjoy the Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Glow for Good Ball.  This ball not only is extremely durable, but allows playtime to last all night and day.


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