BBS Breed Spotlight: Schipperke

Foxy-like and mischievous, the Schipperke may be the closest one may get to owning a fox itself. This smart and energetic Belgian breed dog enjoys life on a boat and life with a family. introduces you to the Schipperke in today’s BBS Breed Spotlight! Read more below!

History & Background: Though it’s similar in appearance to the Spitz or Pomeranian, the Schipperke is actually related to the black Belgian sheepdog the Leauvenaar. This dog is the predecessor of the Schipperke and the Groenendael. This dog was bred down to a much smaller size and became the guard dog to barges in Belgium. The Flemish sailors became calling this dog “schip” which means boat and they quickly earned the name “Little Captain” and “Little Skipper.” To this day Schipperke’s are at ease on a boat. The AKC officially recognized this breed in 1904. In WWII this dog was used as a messenger between various hideouts of the Belgian Resistance. The Nazi’s never found out.

Height: Males: 11 to 13 inches; Females: 10 to 12 inches.

Weight: 12 to 18 pounds

Coat: This dog has particular patterns of hair that include short hair on the face, medium hair on the body and longer hair in the ruff, cape, jabot and culottes. Behind the ears and circling around the neck makes the ruff. The cape is a strip extending past the ruff down the middle of the back. Jabot is the area extending across the chest and down the front legs. The fur on the back of the thigh forms the culottes. The texture of the Schipperke’s coat is slightly hard and is dense and straight and it stands off from the body.

Color: Black is the predominant color of this breed, with the outer coat always showing black. However the undercoat may be lighter. When the Schipperke sheds it sometimes takes on a slight reddish hue. This dog usually has dark brown eyes and a black nose.

Appearance: This breed is almost fox-like in looks and has the alert face of a watchdog and hunger. Viewed in profile, the Schipperke is square and the skull is slightly rounded. The head sports small, pointed ears, oval eyes and nose. A Schipperke’s tail is either docked or naturally nonexistent.

Temperament: Naturally a high-energy dog, the Schipperke is spirited and self-confident. Intelligent, curious and fearless, this little dog is a perfect watchdog, alerting its owners to anything suspicious. Great with families, including children, this breed is protective and loyal.

Health & Grooming: The Schipperke doesn’t have any particular health problems but can be prone to hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hypothyroid and eye problems. This dog has a life expectancy of 15 years or more.

Grooming the Schipperke is best left to the dog itself. This breed usually sheds two to three times a year. Weekly brushing will keep the Schipperke’s coat in top condition.

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Do you know or own a Schipperke? Tell us your Schip story in the comments section below!

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