BBS Breed Spotlight: Affenpinscher

A little dog with a  feisty personality and the resemblance of a monkey? It might sound a little funny, but the Affenpinshcer is one of the oldest toy dog breeds. And though this small dog has been around for a while, he’s finally getting recognized in a big way. Read more about the Affenpinscher on the Breed Spotlight below!

History & Background: The Affenpinscher hails from Germany and is seen in history as far back as the 17th century. This toy dog’s name literally translates as “Monkey Terrier.” In France, this little dog also earned the name Diablotin Moustachu or “little devil with a moustache.” The Affenpinscher was kept as a ratter for farmers and then later breed to be smaller to serve inside the home to keep mice at bay. This dog has been used in the development of many other breeds such as the Brussels Griffon and Miniature Schnauzer. In 1936 this breed was recognized by the AKC and this year the Affenpinscher Banana Joe won Westminster Best in Show. This was the first year the Affenpinscher has won at Westminster.

Height: 9.5 to 11.5 inches

Weight: 7 to 8 pounds

Coat: An Affen’s coat is described as “shaggy, but neat.” A thick, wiry coat is found on the shoulders and body about 1 inch in length. Shorter hair can appear on the back and tail. The fur on the head, neck, chest and stomach is longer and not as hard in texture. The longer hair on this dog’s head, especially the eyebrows and beard heightens the monkey-like expression of the Affen.

Color: Affenpinschers can have black, gray, sliver black and tan or beige coats. Some dogs have a black mask. This dog has dark eyes and black eye rims and a black nose.

Appearance: Though this dog is small, he isn’t delicate. Seemingly a miniature version of a larger working terrier, the Affen has a square body, deep chest and compact bone and muscle structure. The monkey-like head shows small, round eyes and erect ears.

Temperament: This dog is adventurous, curious and lively. Affens are bright and cheery dogs and have lots of self-confidence, energy and love for their owners. These dogs tend to be protective of their owners and territorial when it comes to food. Mostly quiet, Affenpinschers will only become boisterous if excited or feeling threatened.  

Health & Grooming: Affenpinschers live 11 years on average. Health problems for this breed can include fractures, an open fontanel and respiratory problems. To stay healthy both physically and mentally this dog needs a daily walk.

A good Affen coat doesn’t need much grooming, and at most brushed or combed weekly. This dog sometimes needs a coat stripping or trimming around the eyes to avoid irritation. This dog sheds little to no hair.

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Do you know or own a Affenpinsher? Tell us your Affen story in the comments section below!

Watch Banana Joe win the Westminster Dog Show!

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