BBS Back To School Pop Quiz WINNERS!

We only had 2 contestants to make an “A” in our BestBullySticks Back To School Pop Quiz! Diane Stana (1st place winner!) and Brittany Lefebvre (2nd place winner!)

Diane will receive a $150 BBS Gift Certificate and Brittany will receive a $50 BBS Gift Certificate. Congratulations to these two good students! 

If you missed an answer, check your answers against our key. 

Questions & Answers

1. Name one of the two most recent winners of BBSs 1-Day Animal Rescue Giveaway. (It Takes A Village or North Mississippi Great Dane Rescue)

2. What year was our company started? (2007)

3. Who is’s owner? (Avrum Elmakis)

4. What are the names of the pugs who were the inspiration for (Espy & Sushi)

5. When was BBS’s first blog published? (November 10, 2007)

6. BBS is on two new Social Media websites. Name one of them and how many followers we have. (approximately Pinterest 696 & Instagram 234)

7. Who was BBS last Newsletter Photo Contest Winner? (Misha)

8. What is the biggest bone Best Bully Sticks offers? (Monster Bone)

9. What is the Name of the newest Dog Toy brand at (Ruff Dawg)

10. What’s your favorite Best Bully Sticks product? (No Correct Answer, just let us know!)

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