BBS $2K Rescue/Shelter Giveaway Winners!!

It’s easy to see that Best Bully Sticks has a dedicated following. Without them we wouldn’t have had such a great turnout for our latest giveaway.  HUGE thanks to the 574 Facebook voters! But more to the point–Our winners for our $2K Animal Rescue/Shelter Winners are:

1st Place ($1000 Prize) – Puppy Rescue Mission, Celina, TX

The primary mission of Puppy Rescue Mission is to fundraise and assist various organizations which help soldiers bring their furry friends home from war. Anna Cannan, president of Puppy Rescue Mission, originally created PRM to fundraise to help rescue”THE LUCKY SEVEN” out of Afghanistan where her fiance was deployed. Due to Anna’s amazing fundraising success, several of “THE LUCKY SEVEN” are now living stateside along with their respective soldiers. While PRM’s primary mission is to assist soldiers and their furry friends, PRM will also, from time to time, assist an organization in rehoming a stray animal.

2nd Place ($500 Prize) – At Risk Intervention, Knoxville, TN

At Risk Intervention seems to be everywhere at once.  As the “Force Multiplier in Rescue” they are simultaneously helping many different animal rescues.  While they are on the front end of some animal rescues themselves, they raise money for chain link fencing, emergency transports and vet expenses for rescues and shelters nation-wide.

“We’re the partner you need to go to the next level without interfering with your frontline and internal operations. We can provide a 501(c) umbrella for your fundraising activities as well as help with the 501(c) applications. If you’re like most rescues, two of your biggest problems are transport and home visits. We can help with that, too, with a national network of experienced home visitors and (soon) low cost transportation resources.” (From

3rd Place ($500 Prize) – Guardian Pit Bull Rescue, Woodlands, TX

Guardian Pit Bull Rescue is an organization dedicated to saving the lives of “Pit Bulls”. Our goal is to educate people by providing accurate information about this amazing and misunderstood group of breeds and find good homes for these great dogs.

“Our first priority is to educate the public about the breed and promote responsible pit bull ownership. We strive to advocate for a breed who otherwise has no voice and falls victim to breed specific legislation, discrimination and cruelty due to an undeserved reputation. We work directly with local animal shelters to rescue the breed from euthanasia and aid in rehabilitation for permanent home placement as a beloved family pet. It is our goal to dispel the myth, fight ignorance and allow the public to know this breed for their loyalty, compassion and unconditional love that truly defines them.” (From

Congratulations to these winners!! We are so thankful for the work they do!

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