8 Bath time & Dog Grooming Tips: 101 Dog Care Tips

pets_0803_dog_bathDo you know what time it is? It’s bath time!  Bath time with your dog should be fun, relaxing and good bonding experience for you both. Cleanliness and proper grooming sessions are good for your dogs overall health. Remember your dog should only be bath as needed. Over bathing your dog can strip away their natural, protective oils, dry out there already sensitive skin. Here are some tips that will make sudsing up your muddy & dirty pup a breeze. So go ahead and take the plunge!

1. Location! You can bath your dog in your tub at home or go to a a self service dog wash. These self service dog wash not only  make it easier to bath your pooch.  not to mention easier on your knees and back. Small dogs can be bath in your sink. If you decide to bath your dog outside consider hooking up the hot water to the hose to get the water warm, because no dog likes cold water.

2. Bath Supplies- Whether you are bathing your dog at home or at a self service dog wash gathering the right bath time supplies is key.

  • Soft, absorbent towels. Beach towels work well for larger dogs.
  • Doggie Soap-free Shampoo. Products containing natural ingredients are often best.
  • Brushes and combs — choose the right weapon of choice to tackle that matted coat. depending on your dog’s hair type.
  • Bath mat so you and your dog won’t slip and hurt your funny bone.
  • Appropriate attire that you don’t mind getting wet.
  • Treats galore!!

Prior to putting your dog in the tub don’t forget to brush to remove  tangles or mats, which can be harder to deal with once your dog is wet.

3. Soak up!-Get your dog wet from head to paw but make sure you test the waters first to make sure it is not to hot or to cold. Making sure to avoid your dogs eyes & ears. Many dogs have water resistant coats so make sure your dog is properly soaked. To prevent your dog from shaking and soaking you from head to toe keep one hand on his or her head.

4. Apply Shampoo– Lather up your dogs wet coat with shampoo that contains a moisturizer, but be cautious & avoid eyes, face & gential area. Apply a little bit at a time to avoid using to much. One lathering trick is to mix 2 part shampoo with one part water. For easier application you can put the mixer in a spray bottle or plastic container.

5. Scrub a Dub Dub!– Take your time to rub, scrub & massage your dogs coat for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. Don’t forget to clean their dirty paws. Using a rubber scrubber made for dogs help with the massaging.

6. Time to Rinse!–  Throughly rinse & remove all shampoo lather & residue  by applying a warm stream of water to your dogs coat. Do not forget to rinse your dogs paws, skin folds or crevices.

7. Shake & Dry– This is the part your dog has been waiting for, so stand back and let your dog have a good shake. You can finish the job by gently squeezing out excess water and then drying him with towels. If you do decide to use a fur dryer make sure to put it on low or no heat. If you bathe your dog at a self-service tub, a forced-air dryer might be available. Careful — these dryers are powerful so turn it up as high as your dog tolerates. But make sure to stay away from the face, eyes and ears. Once completely dry, thoroughly brush your dog out.

8. Spot is Spotless!
Now that you have a clean, perhaps you should bring the fun indoors so your dog can avoid mud puddles & mud pies. Don’t forget to praise & reward your dog with treats for being such a good boy or girl.

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