Barkwheats Dog Treats

Barkwheats Dog Treats

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new all natural product to our growing catalog of all natural dog chews and treats.  Barkwheats are made in the US (Maine) and are made from buckwheat which is actually a berry.  These treats are great for dogs with allergies or those that are on a gluten free diet.  The treats themselves are circular in shape about the size of a half dollar and taste great (Sushi and Espy definitely approve)! The treats come in two unique flavors SeaVeg and Chamomile and Ginger and Parsley.  The Ginger and Parsley treats are great to keep fresh breath and the SeaVeg treats are great for their calming and soothing affects.

The following is some information directly from the manufacturer:

  • Barkwheats are all-natural buckwheat dog biscuits, hand-crafted in our bakery in Stockton Springs, Maine.
  • They are baked with the highest quality ingredients, including certified organic dark buckwheat flour, free-range organic eggs, safflower oil, ginger, parsley, sea vegetable and chamomile.  Nearly 100% of our ingredients are sourced from neighboring farms.
  • Barkwheats come packaged in a sustainably-harvested, biodegradable bag and sturdy 100% recycled paperboard box that you can easily toss in your compost bin or woodstove!
  • Many dogs exhibit symptoms of grain allergies like itchy skin, hotspots, flaky skin, and a dull coat.  The problems may perplex their owners and sometimes…yes it’s true…even perplex their veterinarians. The easiest thing to do is to get grains and gluten out of the dog’s diet.
  • Barkwheats contain no grain (or gluten), corn, soy, sugar, salt or preservatives.

Barkwheats are also unique these days because every ingredient makes sense, is there for a reason, and is easy to understand and pronounce; make sure to give them a try!

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