Antlerz and Bones – Will They Splinter ?

Antlerz and Bones – Will They Splinter ?

This is my second post for the weekly question and answer series.

 We are commonly asked this question and wanted to share our answer in the blog.  Starting with bones; bones are a common dog chew and can vary from femur bones, shin bones, knuckle bones, etc…..they are safe to eat as a dog chew as long as they are not cooked.  Once a bone is cooked (like in soup) its likelihood of splintering and becoming dangerous is magnified greatly.  However, as long as the bone is a “raw” bone it is safe to chew.  I do recommend watching how your dog chews on the bone to make sure that they are gnawing as opposed to biting on it. 

Antlerz are totally different from bones as they are grown naturally on deer.  They are comprised of many different rings of mineral deposits.  The cross section of the Antlerz looks kind of like a tree trunk with many rings around its end.  The antler wears down gradually over time from saliva and gnawing.  An Antlerz chew should last any dog between 4-12 weeks.  They are an awesome chew and totally healthy and safe for your dogs! 

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