Americas Got Talent: Viva the Dog Dances Her Way to Las Vegas

We are all about supporting our talented dogs & paw pals. Viva the Dancing Dog and her dance partner & trainer extraordinaire Pam Martin headlined last nights show of NBC’s America’s Got Talent taped in Houston, TX. Viva shook her bum bum & impressed the judges and audiences, four legged included. Leaving everyone on the edge of their seat chanting or barking “Viva Las Vegas”. You see American dogs got talent! Stay tuned to the upcoming season of America’s Got Talent to see Viva perform and dance her way into America’s heart. She needs the support and help of her canine friends and paw pals to make sure she stays in the competition and move to the next round. I guess if you can impress Piers Morgan the Simon Cowell of the show then you got a shot at winning $1 million dollars and getting your own show.  Perhaps in the near future we will see Viva performing on Dancing with the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance.

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