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There are thousands of pet products on the market today (maybe even millions!), and it can be overwhelming for us dog owners to sift through them all to find the healthiest products to offer our four-legged family members. Here at, we love our dogs like family, so we treat them like family. That means we only give them dog treats and dog chews that are healthy and tasty. We know the best way to do that is through all natural treats.

BBS has scoured the globe to bring American pets the very best all-natural dog treats and chews. From the Himalayan mountains to the coasts of Brazil and right here at home, we’ve gathered some of the yummiest, healthiest and most unique dog chews for your four-legged family members (and ours!). 

All the way from the outback, we bring you our Kangaroo Leg Bone. This hardy bone from down under still contains a bit of meat for added texture and flavor. This long-lasting dog bone is all-natural and weighs up to 3 pounds, so it will keep your dog’s attention for hours at a time. A great choice for dogs of all sizes, the Kangaroo Leg Bone from Best Bully Sticks is sure to please even finicky pups.

For another all-natural dog treat that offers an interesting twist (literally), try our Gullet Pretzels. Made from the esophagus of a grass-fed bull, we twist them into a fun pretzel shape to offer a varied texture and added challenge for your pooch. These all-natural dog chews contain glucosamine and chondroitin, which are high in protein and promote good canine joint health, and they come with a meaty aroma dogs go crazy over! All-natural gullet dog chews are one of the most popular products at, so we’re confident your pup will absolutely love our Gullet Pretzels.

If your dog likes a lot of variety (and what dog doesn’t?), we’ve got you covered at BBS. Our Chews and Treats Value Grab Bag not only offers your dog a fantastic variety of our most popular dog treats and chews, it’s easy on your wallet! At, we’re dog owners, too, and we know how expensive dog ownership can be. That’s why we offer a deep discount from buying these all-natural dog treats individually. Plus, your dog will love the surprise of getting a different dog chew each day! Choose from a 1 pound or 2 pound Value Grab Bag size.

For an alternative to beef-based dog chews, give your pooch some our Freeze Dried Chicken Necks. Naturally low in fat, these delicious dog chews come in a resealable pack of 10. Give your pup this tasty treat between meals or as an anytime reward with the Freeze Dried Chicken Necks from BBS.

As with any type of food, the less processing means the healthier it is. At, we carry hundreds of all-natural dog treats and chews to please your pampered pooch. In fact, many of our products contain just one ingredient! That means they’re free of chemicals, preservative and anything artificial. When you’re looking for all-natural pet products, you’ll find them at here at Best Bully Sticks.

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