Active Duty or Vet with a Pet?

Active Duty or Vet with a Pet?

Our Company, is proud of all our active duty personnel and veterans that fought and defended our freedom. As a salute to your service and being a proud American Company we want to show our support and give something back.









Since we are a Dog and Cat supply company we want to give you a Personal Discount Coupon code for 7% Off any purchase from our company. While 7% off may not seem high at first glance, when you come to our Online Retail store, you will notice that our prices are extremely low compared to most stores and other online retailers. We don’t mark up high and then sucker you in for a 20% off. We play it straight. Our prices are just slightly over cost. No BS, No Games, just honest business.

Please consider us for your next dog or cat product need, help us spread the word, and get your personal discount code from us by:

Sending an email from your Military email address to and we will send back a personal individual military coupon code.

If you are a Vet without an active military email address. Please call us at 877-483-5853   M-F 9AM EST to 5PM EST to get a personalized discount code set up in your name.

Then shop at

More on the  Pet Military Discount

Thank you again for your service, and helping us help others by spreading the message. The more active duty or vets that take advantage of this, the better discounts and prices we can pass back to our proud American Military Men Women.

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