9 Easy Ways to Show Your Dog Love

On Love Your Pet Day and every day, Best Bully Sticks knows you can show your dog love in a number of ways! Here are 9 Easy Ways to Show Your Dog Love!

1. Take Your Dog For A Walk. Did you know a fit dog is 15% more likely to live longer? Taking your dog for daily walks in your neighborhood will not only make Fido a healthier, happier dog but can even curb behavioral and social problems. The same goes for playing around the house, playing fetch or tug! Plus, you’ll get some exercise, too!

2. Belly Rubs! Dogs love and need one-on-one attention from their pet parents because it shows acceptance and can even take away fear and anxiety in a dog. But did you know petting your dog not only shows them lots of love, but releases a “feel good” hormones in your body like serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin? It’s a win-win. 

3. It’s the Little Things (in Dog Health): That old maxim “An ounce of prevention…” is ever so true for your dog’s health! Seemingly small items of upkeep in your dog’s health–like nail clippings, teeth brushing, ear cleanings, etc.–go along way for your dog’s overall health. Not to mention all-natural flea and tick prevention and regular veterinarian checkups!

4. Treat ’em right! Giving your dog healthy food and treats can mean a healthier, fuller life for your pet. We suggest all-natural dog treats such as bully sticks, elk antlers and single-ingredient chews. Our high-protein options don’t include the fillers, additives, preservatives and 10-syllable ingredient names you’ll find at most chain pet food stores. They’re fully digestible and come from the best sources of meat in the world–including grass-fed, free-range Brazilian beef!

5. Set Your Boundaries. Training your dog is a rewarding experience for both of you. Giving your dog boundaries and teaching proper behavior through simple positive training techniques not only engages your dog mentally and physically but strengthens your bond as dog and pet parent. 

6. Meet New Doggy Friends. If your dog is well socialized, take them to to the dog park! Teach your dog how to meet and become friendly with other dogs! This connection to their other species is a wonderful thing to witness. 

7. Go New Places! New sights, smells and experiences will make your dog’s life a fuller and happier one. If your dog has anxiety issues, ease any “new” into their life slowly. 

8. Chronicle Your Memories. Take photos. Take videos. Make a scrapbook. Do whatever you can to chronicle your dog’s life and best memories.  You’ll always be grateful you did. 

9. Tell Your Dog You Love Them. They may not understand you, but it’s always worth saying. Tell your dog every day that you love them!

Happy Love Your Pet Day! Enjoy the love today and everyday! 

Remember to love on your dog through proper nutrition! Find out why Best Bully Sticks offers the best in all-natural dog treats and chews

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