8 Ways to Raise Money for Animal Rescues

animalrescueMany well deserving & caring non-profit animal shelters and rescues rely upon the generosity of volunteers and donations to continue their rescue efforts. Animal shelters depend heavily on fundraisers so they can continue to operate their facilities and tend to the needs of homeless, abused and stray animals in need of extra love and care. So you can imagine that they need your help! Our friends at ehow have thought of some creative & simple things we all can do to help our local animal rescue & shelter raise money and supplies for their efforts.

1. Set a Monetary goal. How much do you want to raise, and in what time frame?

2. Organize a Spare Change Jar. Make a public announcement or send out email  at your work or school that you are trying to raise money for your local rescue & shelter. Set the jar and sign out for people to donate spare change. Every week you can collect the money and drop off proceeds to local rescue or shelter.

3. Host a dog wash event. Have volunteers sign up to commit some time to helping set up and participate in the dog wash event. Contact local pet stores to see if they can donate shampoo & brushes for the event and have people donate clean old towels to the cause.  You will also need a hose and access to water. You might want to consider hosting the dog wash in the rescue parking lot to draw awareness about the organization and spur on adoptions. Advertise that people can bring up their dogs for a bath and charge a fee. Local newspapers may advertise this event for free, and flyers can be distributed among the community.

4. Host a dog walk-athon. Choose a day and host a dog walk, either through town or at a local park. Charge a “walk fee” of maybe $5, and everyone walking their dog will receive a certificate, knowing that their money is going to help an animal shelter. See if you can get buttons or t-shirts donated. You can even set up a stand and sell items for a little extra money, such as bottled water or dog dishes.

5. Organize an auction. Collect donations from local businesses and people. Try to get a couple of large prizes, such as tickets to a major league baseball game or a mountain bike. Sell tickets for the prizes, and at the same time, you can sell 50/50 tickets to raise even more money. Refreshments are another option to make more money if you have enough volunteers.

6. Throw a garage sale and donate all money raised. Collect donations of items to sell, and advertise all over town. Make sure to be clear to everyone that all money raised goes towards the animal shelter.

7. Challenge the local community to give & get involved. Create an excitement that is infectious, and others will want to join in and do the same thing. Encourage others to do what they can to raise money for animal shelters and your efforts will go a long way.

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