7 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Behaved When Visiting Dog Parks: 101 Dog Care Tips

shutterstock_105853361_sm Who doesn’t love taking their four legged friend to the local dog park. There is nothing better than getting out to frolic in the fresh air with your loyal companion. Dog parks are a great way to for your dog to get some exercise while allowing them to socialize with other dogs. There is only one thing that can ruin a perfect day at the dog park: bad doggie behavior. Here are some easy tips to ensure a great day at the dog park while keeping your dog happy and safe.

1. Make sure your dog is not aggressive. Nothing can ruin a trip to the dog park than an aggressive misbehaving dog. So if you know your dog will be aggressive it is just better to skip the dog park until Fido gets some obedience training.

2. Come, Sit, Stay: It is very important that your dog responds to basic commands and can be controlled very quickly.

3. Where and what….make sure you know where your dog is at all times and what he or she is doing. It important to keep a watchful eye and sure your dog is not getting out of control or disturbing others.

4. Don’t be afraid to be a called tattletale at the dog park, speak out because safety comes first. If other dogs are misbehaving don’t feel guilty about telling their owners. Most likely the owner may not be aware that their dog is acting out of control and they will thank you.

5. Be #1 at the dog park by cleaning up #2! If your dog does their business, please pick it up!

6. Bring toys and balls and have fun! But be ok if you lose some to other dogs at the park.

7. If you have a small dog and a large dog approaches fear not, just introduce and make sure all tales are wagging. Don’t pick your dog up it draws attention and may make your small dog scared.

If you have other tips to keep your dog safe orhave funstories about your day at the dog park please leave a comment below. And remember don’t forget to have fun and be safe! No need to worry about your dog having fun. He or shewill find their place at the park and decide very quickly who they want to play with at just one sniff. Let them have fun and remember not to be over protective, it is important that your dog get his or her paws wet. Remember a socialized dog is a happy dog!

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