2015 ThanksGiveaway Charity Contest Winners

Every year around Thanksgiving, Best Bully Sticks holds a ThanksGiveaway Contest to give back to dog charities nationwide. This year, we had 2 Grand Prizes and 5 Category prizes for a total of $3,000 in donations!

In 2015, Best Bully Sticks awarded OVER $8,000 to dog rescue groups in both monetary and dog treat donations.

This Thanksgiveaway contest, over 30 charities nationwide entered with adorable photos of adoptable dogs. We will hold more charity contests in 2016 and beyond- simply sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to be in the know. Enjoy looking at these winning entries chosen by Best Bully Sticks! 


Grand Prize Winner: Barclay from Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is a 20 month old puppy who came all the way from Egypt after having had acid dumped on his hindquarters. He is a shepherd mix who loves his people, enjoys walks, puppachinos, cuddling, playing fetch, and just being an amazing companion!






Grand Prize Winner: Riley is a young, adult American Staffordshire Terrier who joined CARE- Crossroads Animal Rescue with her ELEVEN newborn puppies. She is a great momma and most of the pups have since been adopted, so now it’s Riley’s turn! She’s the sweetest and most well behaved dog CARE has ever seen. She never meets a stranger, is good with most other dogs and cats, and will ask when she needs to go outside! She knows how to sit, shake, stay and speak on command. Her new family will be lucky to have her, as she loves to run and play as well as snuggle indoors.




Category Winner: Cutest Puppy 

Champagne from Animal House Shelter in Huntley, IL is a 2 month-old Shepherd/Cattle dog mix who came with 4 siblings after being rescued from a high kill animal control facility.  She is in foster care with her brothers and sisters and is available for adoption the day after Christmas! 







Category Winner: Senior Sweetheart

Cambria is an 11-year-old Beagle mix from Secondhand Hounds in Eden Prairie, MN with a heart of gold! She was abandoned at a shelter in Kentucky due to her being pregnant. She gave birth to three adorable pups in September, so now it’s her turn to live out her golden years without being a mom!
Cammi will curl up on a sofa or bed and nap until someone comes home. She’s an older gal and HUGE snuggle bug looking for her retirement home: somewhere that she can relax, get plenty of snuggles, attention and live out her golden years with someone.

hairless dog



Category Winner: Class Clown

Ozzie of Hearts United for Animals in Nebraska is a 9 year-old Chinese Hairless Crested who was rescued from being tied out on a chain in Texas. He became a favorite of caregivers and volunteers!  Ozzie loves going out for car rides with staff and running around our turf yards with the funniest grin on his face. He makes people smile every day with his fun personality and quirks, not to mention his sparse coat!






Category Winner: Biggest Dog

Gretchen of Fetch Wisconsin Rescue has an irresistible squishy face and meatloaf frame. She makes a great ambassador for the bully breed (she’s American Bulldog).  She enjoys lounging around with her humans close by, a good chew toy and a nice dog bed. She snores when she sleeps and it is the funniest thing ever! She is seriously more human-like than dog-like in so many ways. She’s a calm and peaceful old-soul.


5660bf0149f43-korey2 blog

Category Winner: Marvelous Mutt

Corey from McLennan Animal Rescue Coalition (MARC) in Waco, TX is an approximately 4 year old female Vizsla mix who was found alongside a highway along with another female dog and 5 puppies between them. She’s a pretty hilarious companion who loves kids and lives with a rambunctious boxer mix, who she loves to wrestle with. She loves her daily walks, will trot along next to a bike, and is learning to drop her ball in your hand to play fetch. Korey is much too interested in snacking on cats to live with one, but she would love nothing more than to have a family of her own for the holidays.


Congrats to all 2015 ThanksGiveaway Charity Contest Winners and to those who entered!


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