101 Dog Care Tips – Tip #153 – Pet Safety pt 4 CPR & Heimlich For Your Dog

The last part in our safety series are two things BBS never hopes you have to do, but once again, we want all of you to be ready for any potential doggie emergency. CPR, or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and the Heimlich maneuver are two live saving techniques that could potentially save your dog.  

We could have easily written a very lengthy article about how to complete both of these procedures, but we decided to show off the great potential of the internet and show two instructional videos. These videos are very informative and concise and you’ll have a good understanding of how these should be done by the end of each. 


Heimlich Maneuver 

We hope this series has in the least prodded you to begin thinking about first aid for your beloved furry family member, and at most, truly prepared you for any potential emergencies. 

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